Meet Shivang Mathur – A Teen Singer by Passion and an Accidental Music Composer!

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Shivang Mathur

Full Name: Shivang Mathur

Profession: Singer, Music Composer, and Guitar Player

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 19th April

Zodiac: Aries

Current Residence: Mumbai

Popular Works:

  • Pakhi
  • The Asees Kaur Collection
  • Manasukh Chaturvedi Ki Aatmkatha

Songs as a Composer and Singer:

  • Naino Tale
  • Yaadein
  • Rehna Tum
  • Love Syappa
  • Karne De Ishq O Rabba
  • Sai Reham Nazar Karna
  • Gayatri Mantra Dhun
  • You Are Special
  • Pyara Sanam
  • Meri Dua, and more…

Upcoming projects:

Few good Bollywood films and short movies in progress for Shivang Mathur as a music composer.

About Shivang Mathur:

Shivang Mathur is one of the youngest music composers and singers in music industry. He hails from Lucknow and currently resides in Mumbai. Shivang never thought he would make music as his career. Within no time, music not only became his career but also, his life. Presently, he is in the final year of his graduation specializing in Arts and he is also learning music simultaneously.

As the saying goes, when music is in blood, it shows in generations; however, Shivang has created another example of the opposite. None from his family belong to music background. It was only Shivang, who took music as his passion and came to Mumbai with a dream to do something of his own related to music.

Shivang Mathur was only 17 when he came to Mumbai and it was very challenging for him to understand the city, its life, its people, and its culture at this tender age. He gives credit and has deep respect to music composer Krsna Solo (Tanu Weds Manu, Jolly LLB, Tamanchey, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, and more) who convinced his parents and asked Shivang to come to Mumbai to learn and work with him.

Krsna is like a godfather to him who guides him throughout. Shivang has also participated in various reality shows to try his luck for singing however; he was little disappointed with shows’ politics and unethical attitude. The main objective of coming to Mumbai was to become a singer however; Shivang accidentally became a music composer for his survival that further brought him good recognition in the industry for his amazing compositions.

What, Where, and When with Shruti Sharma:

Shruti Sharma: Shivang, how challenging was it to settle in Mumbai for someone who is so young and unknown to the city?

Shivang Mathur: It was very difficult Shruti as I did not know from where to begin. However, I had one rule in mind that I will not sit at home. So, from morning till night I was out only to visit the various studios, learn something new, and try something new related to music. I want to make my parents proud of my decision as they were highly concerned about me settlement in Mumbai at this tender age. But, at the same time they knew my passion and supported me by all means.

Shruti Sharma: How was your overall experience about working with the music industry?

Shivang Mathur: Everything comes with its pros and cons to be honest. One of the major disappointing facts is that people take new comers to big production firms, make you sing the scratch of the song, and then someone prominent takes the project from your hands at the last moment. It is no doubt that I was paid for the project but, the sad part is I was never given the chance to sing in any of the major projects by those production houses.

Shruti Sharma: If I may ask you, what was your first pay check that you earned at this age?

Shivang Mathur: I was very happy to receive a cheque of INR 40000/- for my first project.

Shruti Sharma: What kind of genre do you prefer to sing, compose, or hear?

Shivang Mathur: If you ask me about listening to a specific genre, then I must say I do not have a specific choice; Music is Music. I love listening to everything that makes sense and touches my soul. About composition and singing, I love the songs Armaan Malik makes and this is why I attempted; ‘Bol Do Na Zara’. The mood and feel he creates in his songs is amazing. I would love to compose similar music or sing similar songs.

Shruti Sharma: Do you have someone whom you look up to working with?

Shivang Mathur: It is my dream to work with Karan Johar Sir. I have grown up watching his movies and the intensity that he shows in his direction, music, and overall film is commendable. I would love to and it will be my honor to work with him for any of his projects.

Straight from the writer’s desk:

After interviewing so many artists and entertainers from the industry; I must admit this has been one motivational interview for me too. This young guy’s determination, focus, and passion for his career in music are truly inspiring!  I am amazed at just 19, how someone can be this clear and dedicated in what he wishes to achieve.

This short and sweet interview with Shivang Mathur has inspired me to believe in life, in achievement, and our dreams no matter what stage or age of life we are in. I pass my best wishes and blessings to this rocking personality and strongly believe that he will achieve all that he desires.

Message for the Readers by Shivang Mathur:

No matter what you are doing, whether it is reading, singing, painting, writing, etc. just don’t leave your focus from it. Do not run after things, stay passionate and continue to what you are doing. That thing that you need will eventually and automatically reach you. Pick YouTube as one of the best platforms to showcase and express what you want. Thank you for listening to me and continue to listen to my songs.

Audience can subscribe to Shivang Mathur’s YouTube channel and get mesmerized by his lovely voice:

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