Indian Idol Face and Sensational Singer – Abhijeet Sawant


Meet with Indian Idol Season 1 Winner and Sensational Singer – Abhijeet Sawant

Full Name: Abhijeet Sawant

Age: 35

Profession: Singer, Host, Actor, and Anchor

Place of Residence: Mumbai

Nationality: Indian

About Abhijeet Sawant:

The man who not only got fame for himself, but also brought immense popularity to Indian Idol by his exceptional singing, he is none other than Abhijeet Sawant. He was the first contestant of Indian Idol who became a nationwide face and brand of Indian Idol, Season 1. In fact, both Abhijeet Sawant and Indian Idol enjoyed their successes in parallel. Before Indian Idol, Abhijeet has participated and won in several other popular programs like – Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar and Asian Idol.

To remind you of his few hits, I am sure your hearts still beat by his well sung songs, Labzon Mein Keh Na Sakun, Marjawaan Mitjawaan (Aashiq Banaya Aapne), Pungi (Tees Maar Khan), Sau Tarah Ke Revisited (Dishoom), and more…

Abhijeet Sawant swayed the audience off its feet and magnetized thousands of people with his sizzling performances every time. He created a trend on reality shows and gave hopes to millions of artists who were looking for a break. His success is a proof that hard work pays off. The platform of Indian Idol was a great opportunity for Abhijeet that he never looked back at his past and kept moving ahead with his beautiful voice.

The singer stood at third place in Indonesia’s Asian Idol too. Abhijeet never imagined that he will attain this level of fame, but he kept dreaming high always.


Dreams bring you closer to reality; it’s exactly what Abhijeet Sawant speaks through his success.


Abhijeet belonged to a middle class family of Maharashtra. He completed his graduation from Chetna College, Bandra – Mumbai. He has learnt singing from his guru, Mr. Bhavdeep Jaipurwale & Mr. Raju Singh. Abhijeet used to sing on various occasions of Ganesh Chaturthi and also assist his uncle in various stage shows.

Popular Albums by Abhijeet Sawant:

  • Mohabbatein Lutaunga
  • Junoon
  • Farida
  • Ek Shaqs and more…
I believe in a simple life and complete dedication to my work – Abhijeet Sawant


The commoner who lived in a remote area of Dharavi has a lavish house in Goregaon, Imperial Heights today. It is all because of his self-belief and dedication to music. Abhijeet gives the credit to Indian Idol and says that his life changed drastically after that.

Abhijeet’s Family:



Abhijeet’s father has served the Bombay Municipal Corporation as a superintendent and his mother remained a house wife taking care of the family. Although, he stayed in Dharavi and Mahim which is surrounded by slums, his family made no compromises in their lifestyle. They belonged to a good middle class family.


Abhijeet completed his sound engineering and computer programming after his 12th


There came a period when he felt that now is the time to get into singing and let the family know about his goals. Abhijeet has invested many years in his rehearsals, practice, and efforts for singing, which shows in his successful career.


Abhijeet Sawant raised many hopes in thousand others through his continued success.


My Meet with Abhijeet Sawant:



Abhijeet is as simple as his singing. When I first saw him, I knew the meet is going to be very interesting and memorable. His captivating smile is the reason behind his simplicity. Despite belonging to an entertainment industry, Abhijeet carries his cultural values very well. He is a spiritual person who meditates music and chants the notes.

I was amazed to know his simple attitude towards living. He hasn’t got swayed from glamor and glory. Abhijeet very well remembers his roots from where he belongs to and loves to stick to it. He arrived in a simple plain black tee and black pant, carrying a humble smile on his personality that spoke about his aura very well.


Why, How, Who, What, and When with Abhijeet Sawant:



Shruti Sharma: What fascinated you towards music?

Abhijeet Sawant: My uncle is a stage artist and his shows have always fascinated me towards music. Gladly, I had a very supportive family who understood my interest in music. I completed my S.S.C. and stepped into learning music. I have learnt Ghazal singing for two years when I was 20 and learnt classical singing for 4 years.

Shruti Sharma: Abhijeet, many people often break the path of their academics to accomplish their hobbies and goals, do you think academics is equally important?

Abhijeet Sawant: Shruti, in our country completing your graduation is like carrying that mandatory tail. You can’t help it but that’s how it works in our society. On the other side, academics make you learn about what’s going on in your society and make you confident to survive.

Shruti Sharma: Have you ever faced any crazy fan in your stardom?

Abhijeet Sawant: Many (laughs)… Once, a fan misused my autograph on a blank page. She wrote a love letter with my autograph on it and sent her entire family to my house with a marriage proposal.

Shruti Sharma: Do you follow this belief those marriages of couples belonging to the same profession works well?

Abhijeet Sawant: I don’t believe that a doctor must only marry a doctor or a singer can only marry a singer. We become professionals to common people and to understand them better it is important that we make relations with them.

Shruti Sharma: How do you balance your career and personal commitments?

Abhijeet Sawant: Life is challenging for an artist to balance both. There are times when I have back to back shows and I have little time to give to my family. However, trust plays a very important part here as it is important to realize that whatever hardships I am doing, I am doing for my family.

Shruti Sharma: What to do to make a married life perfect?

Abhijeet Sawant: If you give more importance to marriage than your opinion, digest the fact that women always win! (Laughs out)

Shruti Sharma: What is your favorite genre in singing?

Abhijeet Sawant: I enjoy soft numbers and meaningful songs. The songs that have inspirational messages on life motivate me to sing. For example: Zindagi Ka Safar (starred by legendary star Rajesh Khanna).

Shruti Sharma: With who have you enjoyed working the most so far?

Abhijeet Sawant: Pritam and Shankar Mahadevan are the two music directors I am most comfortable with. Their style of working is friendly and unique. Shankarji has been the simplest artist I have met in my life.

Shruti Sharma: You have an attractive face and a captivating voice, have you ever thought of acting?

Abhijeet Sawant: I have learnt to act too Shruti and I would love to do character roles. In fact, I have done very small character roles in a couple of movies already.

Shruti Sharma: If there is one thing that you wish to change in a music industry, what would that be?

Abhijeet Sawant: Sadly, there are many things to change. To be honest, there is nothing called music industry so far and it’s all about film industry. I wish to do something for the musicians and also bring back pop music.

Straight from the writer’s desk:



I loved and enjoyed every word shared with Abhijeet Sawant. He has tasted the bitter as well as sweet fruit of struggle and that’s one of the core reasons why his fans admire him to this level. He is honest, sincere, and very down to earth personality. We couldn’t roam around his house due to some planned Pooja at his residence, but I am happy that he took time for my write-up. I wish him all the best and eagerly wait to listen to more Bollywood tracks sang by him. Thank you for your time Abhijeet Sawant and remember Abhi Jeet baaki hai badi badi.

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