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‘Your Karma Decides Your Success and Failure’, reveals ‘Naaptol’ shopping channel fame, Vinayak Sinha

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I recently met someone who is strong-headed, determined, and highly focused; the professional vibes that we exchanged led us to a healthy conversation about the industry at large. Vinayak Sinha and his transformation will blow your mind! Read further to know more about him and his body…

Full Name: Vinayak Sinha

Profession: Anchor, Model, Actor, and Creative Director

Current Residence: Mumbai

Date of Birth: 10th September

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Popular Works:
  • Naaptol (Shopping Channel)
  • Aashiana (Doordarshan)
  • Ganga
  • Crime Patrol
  • Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyein
  • Bum Mein Dum, and more…
About Vinayak Sinha:

The face of Naaptol, Vinayak Sinha hails from Orissa. Coming from a family of lawyers and writers, Vinayak Sinha never thought acting would be his career option. On one side Vinayak’s family was wishing for Vinayak to complete his studies and get into family business, whereas on the other side Vinayak’s career was shaping up in the whole new world of Entertainment. From making short films to doing ad-films; Vinayak’s career flourished from his academics itself.

“If you wish to do something passionately, shout it loud.”

Vinayak is a graduate in commerce. During his academics, he participated in many film making contests. His short film; ‘Say No to Smoking’ won the Best Short Film Award at college level, which brought him a cash prize of INR 50000/-. Vinayak was very clear of his career choice by then and directed another film, ‘Arranged Marriage’, which got him an income of INR 45000/- along-with credits during his college time.

Vinayak continued his studies in ISOMES (specializing in film making and direction) and scored 96% standing out as one of the toppers.

“I was jobless from entertainment industry for almost 6 months and I joined Accenture as a call center agent.”

– Vinayak Sinha

Vinayak worked as a call center agent for Accenture to earn his survival. It was during that time he read about an audition call for customer review (testimonial). He gave the audition but, got rejected. After a week, he was called by Naaptol for the role of main anchor of the show. Vinayak was the first person to give the audition for Naaptol and was selected. It was 4 years from then given by Vinayak to Naaptol.

“One of the greatest achievements for me was a complete transformation after a severe back injury.”

– Vinayak Sinha

What, Where, Why, When, and How with Vinayak Sinha:

Shruti Sharma: Vinayak, I know a fact that you have made a ‘WOW’ transformation of yourself. Can you put some light on it for the readers and fitness lovers?

Vinayak Sinha: Shruti, believe me it was as difficult as it looks. I had suffered from a back injury and I was in bed-rest for a long time. Along with bed-rest I was gifted a shapeless body and depression along. The journey was difficult but, now when I look back at my transformation I feel great, more confident, and stress free. During this fitness journey, all I want to say to the people in depression is that keep the faith and will-power up throughout.

“Apple, Oats or Muesli, Brown Rice, Eggs, Milk, and Green Salads are the five foods you must have in your diet.”

– Vinayak Sinha

Shruti Sharma: Talking about fitness, can you share one important tip for a body like that?

Vinayak Sinha: Combination of High protein, moderate carbs and fat; that’s the secret of a fit body. Exercising is a mandate to increase your inner strength and to shape up your whole body.

Shruti Sharma: Your dedication and commitment to Naaptol is commendable; didn’t you feel the monotony?

Vinayak Sinha: It did after 3 years to be honest Shruti but, I enjoyed the spontaneity, new products’ launch, and learning new stuff despite the same job.

Shruti Sharma: What is the major difference between an actor and host?

Vinayak Sinha: Well, both the roles play their own pros and cons. Having experienced both, I can tell you that a host needs to be alert and prompt whereas, as an actor you have the option of a retake.

Shruti Sharma: Do you have any actor whom you follow or who is your role model?

Vinayak Sinha: Sylvester Stallone always for fitness. For acting Amitabh Bachchanji; I have done an ad-film with him and he is just perfect! Amitabh Bachchanji is a definition of professionalism.

“Losing weight is not an issue; sustaining it is a difficult part to play.”

– Vinayak Sinha

Shruti Sharma: How important is being fit and healthy in this industry?

Vinayak Sinha: As a common person, you need to be healthy; however, if you are in the industry you need to carry a difference. Every character you play demands a new look of you; thus fitness must be on your toes.

Shruti Sharma: You mentioned you believe in Karma, can you please share more about this?

Vinayak Sinha: I very strongly believe in Karma, Shruti and I know it’s our Karma that decides our success and failure. We must not fear the god or devil but, we must fear of doing Bad Karma to others. Our fate lays on how good we perform in our life.

Shruti Sharma: Any message for the readers and fitness lovers?

Vinayak Sinha: Keep working hard, believe in karma, and stay fit!

Straight from the writer’s desk:

Whatever time I have spent conversing with you, believe me was all worth it! You have commendable patience, out of the box thinking capabilities, and an amazing confidence. Thank you for giving me this article to cover for my blog and also for being a major support in sharing some tips for our upcoming project – INWE. Being a strong believer in karma too, I am sure your good karma will be well-paid off very soon. My best wishes for all your upcoming projects and hope to see you flourish every single day.

Love and Light.


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