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One Splendid Evening with the Young and Dynamic – SANAM BAND

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One Splendid Evening with the Young and Dynamic – SANAM BAND

When four talented people share one goal, they are called –


Name of the Band: SANAM

Members: Four strong members in the family – Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Venkat Subramaniyam (popularly known as Venky S), and Keshav Dhanraj

Age of Band: 6 years

Genre: Renditions, Rock, Remixes, Soft Music, Originals, Live Shows, and more…

About Sanam Band:


These four go-getters met for one purpose and shared one strong passion – MUSIC. You may have read and seen innumerable articles, interviews, and stories about Sanam; this article is purely dedicated to Sanam fans directly by Sanam band. The time spent with them is a proof of how much they love you all and care for your likes. They are one of the simplest yet stylish bands you will ever find.

Although, four share different talent and distinct skills in respective instruments as well as vocals, they share the same vision with every song release – To reach the heart of fans and touch their soul.


We don’t believe in planning too much and love to live in present. This is the moment; enjoy it so that your future is beautiful!



SANAM is amongst those rare bands that has made India proud and prominent in their own way. You will be amazed to see their choice of music; where most youngsters prefer to stick to metallic rock and club songs; SANAM doesn’t refrain itself from trying new stuff with old melody every time.

They have changed the trend of Boy Bands and are perhaps the cutest Boy Band in India. These four remind me of all those popular bands that I have been crazy for; a few to name are Backstreet Boys, Westlife, N Sync, and Blue. When I started listening to Sanam, I couldn’t believe my eyes that we have a band like this in our country too; they are perfect in style, music, looks, presentation, sense of music, choice of music – what more to ask for?

Formation of Sanam:



I was curious to ask how the idea of name ‘SANAM’ came into their minds; their answer turned out very simple – Soulfulness. The word ‘SANAM’ is widely used in most love songs and shayaris, thus they thought it goes well with their mutual goal of spreading love within people through their music. We began with the project of SQS and landed as SANAM (going strong).

“Sanam brings memories.”

– Venkat Subramanium


“Sanam is a familiar word that is easily understandable in many languages and it goes well with the music.”

– Keshav Dhanraj


Sanam is known as an Indian pop rock band; however, it will be unfair to give them a restricted title as their multi-skills with every release takes them a level up for the aspiring bands.

Keep reading further as I am going to share some interesting stuff about each individual of the band. Before I do, Sanam wishes to thank Ben Thomas; he has a major share of their success this far. Ben is not only a great manager, but also a very supportive friend to them. Unfortunately, he was not present during this interview round but, we hope to connect soon with him to know more about the history and experience of working with SANAM band. It will put more light on people to understand how the music industry works and the struggle behind.


Did you know Sanam and Samar Puri’s dad sings too? He isn’t a professional singer but no wonder the music is in blood!


Let me begin with generic questions that the band answered mutually.

Generic Questions with Sanam Band:



Shruti Sharma: What fascinates you the most in music?

Sanam Band: The soulfulness. We want people to connect with our music and this is one of the reasons why we mostly pick classic songs of those eras. It helps us get attached to all age groups. Yet, everyone loved to hear melodies.

Shruti Sharma: As a band, what do you prefer the most – Originals or renditions?

Sanam Band: We started with originals but wanted to reach more audience and so, we involved renditions. Old songs have fond memories for us all and we want to keep these alive in the hearts of people.


“Venkat understand music the most in the band.”

– Sanam Boys

Shruti Sharma: You guys have tried classic, rock, soft music, Bollywood music, and many other genres; why not Ghazals? I really urge you to try this beautiful style of music too so that more youngsters understand the depth of it.

Sanam Band: Absolutely Shruti! We would love to try Ghazals and promise to do it soon. We love to do anything that people like and connect to. Ghazal is a beautiful classification and we will surely think over it.

Shruti Sharma: Share with me some crazy fan incidents that your BAND has faced?

Sanam Band: Oh my god, Shruti there are innumerable! Although, we will share a few and try our best to keep it censored as we don’t want to get into detailed version of these.

Crazy Fan Incident 1:

We remember a fan that stood up the stage and started hugging us like crazy. Initially, we felt it was her love for us, but after sometime she went so crazy that her husband had to literally drag her down from the stage; he almost slapped her to bring her back to her senses (crazy laughter takes place on the interview table).

Crazy Fan Incident 2:

One of the fans during a live show asked Venkat to remove his glares. When he did that and kept it on the table, she stole it.

Crazy Fan Incident 3:

A fan wrote a love letter for Keshav with her blood. Initially, he thought she is joking but later when she sent her pictures with her cut wrist, he was aghast! The band has even uploaded a video requesting their fans not to do anything harmful in the sway of emotions.

Individual Questions with the Four Members:



Shruti Sharma:  If not music, where would you guys be?

Samar Puri: I had a keen fascination for cricket and I guess I would have tried this sport. However, I always wanted to be a musician, Shruti. I tried working for a month in a sales field too but decided to stick to music.

Sanam Puri: I have been fortunate that my parents have been very supportive Shruti. My mom, dad, and Samar suggested me to get into singing and I believe I took the right decision. But, if I still have to answer your question, I just love to cook and play video games. I would love to make video games. There was a time when I decided to go to Australia to become a CA, but the thought of music never left me and so here I am.

Venky: No one from my family is into music; dad is an engineer and mom a doctor. I never thought what and how will I begin my career in music. Music has been a constant dream in my life. I started to perform various gigs. Whatever money I earned from gigs used to get exhausted in my travel expenses and thus I moved to Mumbai in 2014, permanently. Coming to your question, if not music I would still love to do something similar like events.

Keshav Dhanraj: Getting in music was always my brother’s dream. The reason behind my music interest is my brother. Due to the constant connection I had with music through my brother, I made it this far. I started playing the violin, but stopped in between and switched to drums.

Shruti Sharma: Share with me your role models or your favorite music styles.

Venkat: Shruti, the list is endless! A few very close to my heart are Legens from Blues, Prince, BB King, Chris Cornell, and Beatles.

Samar Puri: When I am free I love to listen to U2, Radiohead, Muse, Nancy Ajram, Sia. If you want me to name a few that I enjoy listening to from India, I like Wadali Brothers, Gurdaas Maan, and Diljit Dosanjh.

Sanam Puri: I cannot stop myself from listening to Arabic and Lebanese music these days. I also enjoy music by Westlife. Lately, I am more into listening to instruments like Violin. A few more stars that I would like to mention are Carole Samaha, Wael Kfoury, and Nobuo Uematsu.

Keshav Dhanraj: Anything rhythmic is my style Shruti. I like Andre Rieu, TARO, Eminem, Papa Roach, Bruno Mars, and Linkin Park. Recently, I have developed a thing for Punjabi music.

Shruti Sharma: This is kind of tricky but I am too eager to know what you would choose between the two (if you have to) – Family or Music. Help me know what do you prefer, intensity in music or family as a priority.

Sanam and Samar Puri: Family of course Shruti! We are in music because of them. They gave us the right guidance.

Keshav Dhanraj: It is either way Shruti, music is my and my brother’s life, so I will prefer music anytime and of course this band is a family to me. Music and family go hand in hand in my opinion.

Venky: Music, I feel I am born to listen to it, play it, and feel it. I haven’t raised a family yet and have been traveling to various places for music thus; it is my priority as of now.

Shruti Sharma: Special message to your fans.

Samar Puri: Subscribe! Love and Light to you all

Keshav Dhanraj: Never stop exploring, be resourceful, and be cheerful… always!

Sanam Puri: Be kind; be grateful for everything that you have. Believe in love.

Venky: Work hard, learn and hone your skills.

My meet with Sanam Band:



I know many of you will envy this meet and many would wish that you were in my place, but trust me, no feeling can describe the happiness I have been through while interviewing this amazingly talented band. They are full of energy and ambitions. It was an amazing moment for them too as they grabbed the ‘Social Media Summit Awards’ for Best Music Content Creators – All India. We met at the Starbucks Café, international arrivals with their manager – Priyanka Bhambhani.

Coincidentally, it was my sister’s birthday, Author Bhairavi Sharma and we celebrated it together. The meet was chirpy, cheerful, and full of fun and laughter. Sanam has a unique style that they carry and you can easily recognize their special aura. Their approach towards fans and followers is friendly. Despite attaining success and recognition at a tender stage in life, I didn’t notice any stardom on their sleeves. What’s more special about this band is their unity. I strongly believe it is their unity which is their strength and perhaps, the secret behind this success.

Straight from the writer’s desk:

It’s difficult to describe this wonderful and peppy meet in words; I didn’t feel we met them for the first time. The band surely has a beautiful and bright future in music. Keshav’s captivating smile, Sanam’s alluring eyes, Samar’s notorious thought process, and Venky’s surprise gestures made the meet just perfect. I thank each member of the team, including Priyanka Bhambhani, for this wonderful time spent together. This meet couldn’t have been possible without Priyanka and Ben. To add more, my personal gratitude to Ben Thomas to give us such an amazing band in the best manner and for sustaining their credibility.

What I have learnt from Sanam Band?

Success is not one person’s effort; it’s a team effort! That is the secret behind Sanam’s success.

Exclusive Sanamisms for Sanam fans:


How do you call a cow to you?


What would you call a white cow with a bad karma?

Moooooo kaala moooookabala hoga…

What does a cow eat for breakfast?


What does a cow eat after dinner?


What is Sanam’s favorite dessert?

Mooooong Daal Halwa

An exclusive one for Keshav:

What is Keshav’s favorite food?


Hope you enjoyed this special article for SANAM fans by SANAM Band.

Love and Light to all.



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