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A Meet with the Television Heartthrob and One of the Simplest Personalities – Hiten Tejwani

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A Meet with the Television Heartthrob and One of the Simplest Personalities – Hiten Tejwani

Full Name: Hiten Tejwani

Date of Birth: 5th March

Profession: Model, Bollywood and Television Actor, Theater Artist

Nationality: Indian

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Popular Characters Played: Karan Virani and Manav Deshmukh

About Hiten Tejwani:

Hiten Tejwani is a Bollywood and Television face who enjoys immense recognition by a huge number of fans. Some of his popular TV soaps include, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Pavitra Rishta, and Kutumb. Hiten is the only member in his family who stepped into the glamor world. If you think his journey into the world of fame was smooth, read his full article ahead.


“Kutumb brought me immense fame and recognition.”
– Hiten Tejwani


Hiten Tejwani’s Background:

Hiten belongs to a middle class family who has worked for normal firms for their survival. After realizing the level of sacrifices and adjustments that his family was undergoing, Hiten realized that he won’t do a typical 9 to 5 job and want to achieve something big for his family as well as his own future.

The initial days were tough more like a battle to him as he entered the glamor industry without a penny’s support from his father. While he was struggling, Hiten’s mother also worked as a Yoga teacher for the family’s living. Those were the days when he became firmer towards his goals and decided not to look back with lack of confidence.


Hiten Tejwani was in a terrible state of Malaria when he performed for his first ad shoot audition.


Hiten’s family betterment was the only goal that ran like a fire in his whole body and made him reach a do or die situation. When he was called for his first ad shoot audition, he was suffering from Malaria. Like I said, it was either a do or die situation that he already decided. He gave his audition in that condition with full spirits.


Hiten Tejwani’s first ad shoot of his life was for Jai Soap, directed by Mukul Anand.


Hiten always believed that camera fascinated him a lot ever since he joined to perform at the theaters. His popular theatrical plays include, I love you too. Hiten explains how difficult it is to balance family life and stringent working hours. On the other side, for TV artists, it is one of the difficult tasks to stay fit, avoid parties, attend the shoots, and yet take time to devote for personal life.


“Roles do not matter; work is what matters the most.”
– Hitej Tewani


Top Performances by Hiten Tejwani on Television:
  • Kabhi Sautan Kabhii Sahelii
  • Kutumb
  • Ghar Ek Mandir
  • Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
  • Kaahin Kissii Roz
  • Kkusum
  • Kesar
  • Kkavyanjali
  • Kasautii Zindagii Ki
  • Kumkum
  • Choti Bahu
  • Pavitra Rishta
  • Mukti Bandhan
  • Kya Hua Tera Vaada
  • Gangaa
  • Balika Vadhu and more…
Special Performances by Hiten Tejwani in Films:
  • Krishna Cottage
  • Entertainment
  • Joggers Park
  • Anwar
  • Love Games
  • Shorgul
  • Saansein and more…
Hit Reality Shows by Hiten Tejwani:
  • Jodi Kamaal Ki
  • Koffee with Karan
  • Nach Baliye 2
  • Nach Baliye 4
  • Savdhaan India
  • Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Kabhi Yaar and more…
My Meet with Hiten Tejwani:



Hiten has been one of the simplest and modest actors I have met so far from television industry. We fixed the meet at Starbucks, Infinity Mall – Andheri and there he was with his magnetic personality. He dressed like any other ordinary commoner being as simple as he could, yet his personality had the style similar to any accomplished actor. Hiten came in a white tee and blue jeans. We sat and began the interview on a very casual note.

Somewhere I sensed his maturity and experience through his extreme generous behavior. The artists who have been through the thick and thin of the industry are often the most grounded people without any stardom on their sleeves. We conversed as if I know him for ages; perhaps, it’s due to the popularity and his face recognition on television that ran strong in my memory. He carries a cute innocent smile which makes you feel content and happy to sit with him. Whatever time we spent, I was drawn towards his sincere and humble approach on life.

How, What, Who, and Why with Hiten Tejwani:


Shruti Sharma: What do you prefer, Television or movies?

Hiten Tejwani: Movies are always a better choice if you ask me Shruti. On the big screen, an artist has the opportunity to embrace his own talent and skills through the character he plays. As a character, you have to invest your efforts and best shot to make it appealing. Acting on television is simpler; it’s like oiling and polishing the actors. You have lots of rehearsals to do before they shoot you on TV. Thus, I would prefer something more challenging compared to TV.

Shruti Sharma: How do you handle sarcasm?

Hiten Tejwani: Honestly, it doesn’t affect me Shruti. The moment you react to it, it will keep increasing. Moreover, there hasn’t been a situation where I fell into this awkward moment of people acting sarcastic with me. I am a very flexible person in handling people relation. I go with the flow and thoughts of my seniors and give them little scope to pass comments on me.

Shruti Sharma: What if you get a negative role? Would you accept it?

Hiten Tejwani: I would love to do a negative role. According to me, a role is a role and an artist must be versatile to accept changes as well as challenges.

Shruti Sharma: We all go through our own list of ups and downs in life. What is your mantra of coming back in action?



Hiten Tejwani: My wife is my secret mantra! I am, because she is. Gauri has been an excellent support system in my life. The moment I feel low, I don’t know how she senses that and immediately plan a short vacation for the family. She takes care of me, my children, my house, and my entire depression mode. Gauri understands very well when it is time to take a break after all the stressful working hours that I go through and plans things accordingly.

Shruti Sharma: How do you win over challenging situations in handling dominating directors or producers?

Hiten Tejwani: Well, to win over, the best thing to do is to do as your director expects you to do. I go with the flow and give my best shot. They are happy with my performance and thus, there are fewer chances of such situations to occur. I remember, when I was doing Saansein with Rajiv Ruia, he completely left the character on me. He told me, “Hiten, this is your character; you deal with it freely and experiment with your role. Just put your best efforts. I believe in you.” I was really happy for this flexibility provided by him in his horror flick.

Shruti Sharma: What would you say to artists who bring a pride of attitude in their personalities after achieving stardom?

Hiten Tejwani: My only advice to them is that we all are humans of same creator at the end of the day. Be a good human and learn to respect whatever you have in life. Attitude is at times necessary but only to an extent to keep you safe.

Straight from the writer’s desk:


I really admire artists like Hiten Tejwani; they teach you the three simplest rules to healthy living – ‘GST’:

  • Be Grounded
  • Be Sincere
  • Be Thankful

It’s his grounded nature that has brought him to this level of stardom. His sincerity has driven huge number of fan following towards him. Hiten’s thankful nature to god keeps him connected to the road of success always. I am proud to have spent time with someone who makes true sense and logic to his lifestyle. Last but not the least, I admire Gauri for bringing up such an amazing family and I strongly believe that their children are being raised under the best guidance. Thank you Hiten for this wonderful afternoon and I send you my best wishes for your future endeavors.


That’s all for now my lovely readers. Don’t go too far as you are yet to read more interesting and inspiring interviews coming your way.

Love and light to all

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