Young and Charming Actor Sharhaan Singh in Conversation with Shruti Sharma

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Just like the twinkling stars brighten the entire sky; every star in the entertainment industry makes it bigger and better to bring shine in this space of glamour. Today, let me share this sweet, crisp, and interesting conversation with a young and multi-talented artist- Sharhaan Singh


Full Name: Sharhaan Singh

Profession: Actor, Writer, and Model

Current Residence: Mumbai

Date of Birth: 12th October

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Popular Works on Television:
  • Rakhi Ek Atoot Rishtey Ki Door – Zee TV
  • Uttaran – Colors
  • Kasam – Colors
  • Sankat Mochak Mahabali Hanuman
  • Jhansi Ki Rani – Zee TV
  • Maharana Pratap – Sony TV
  • Gustak Dil – Life OK TV
  • Lajwanti – Zee TV
  • CID – Sony TV
  • Hum Hain Na – Sony TV
  • Zee Horror Files – Zee TV
  • KumKum Bhagya – Zee TV and many more…
Popular Works in Films:
  • Back to Honeymoon – Punjabi Movie
  • Yaaran Naal Baharan – Punjabi Movie (starring Jimmy Shergill)
  • Padmavat – role of Vijaydaan Singh – Bollywood (Sanjay Leela Bhansali Production)
Popular Works as a Model:
  • Sharhaan has done various modeling assignments with some prominent brands like Samsung, Yamaha, Ponds, Tata Tea, Santro, Hyundai, and more…
About Sharhaan Singh:


Having a family from a non-filmy background, Sharhaan never thought he will make it in the industry as an actor. He always aspired to be a cricketer but, as he grew up he tried acting and modeling and that became a turning point in his life. Sharhaan hails from the city of Patiala, Punjab and currently resides in Mumbai.


Sharhaan never thought he would get into acting, his intense passion of watching movies made him steal money from his house.


His family knew this fact but they never yelled at him as Sharhaan was academically good and the family took this excuse as his innocent mischief.


Sharhaan’s childhood:

Sharhaan’s cousin got the first VCR in their locality when they were kids. The interest to watch films emerged from there. The siblings and cousins would sit together and watch movies almost every week. However, Sharhaan took the interest intensely and as he grew up the passion for acting increased.

As a student, he has participated in many SKITs, dance competitions, singing contests, and Drama plays. When he shifted to college, he started taking care of his looks seriously. Sharhaan completed his MA in Theatre.


Sharhaan Singh’s acting journey:

Being a multi-talented artist, Sharhaan has tried every subject related to films, music, and entertainment. He has tried singing, dancing, direction, writing, and dubbing. Well, that only gives a hint that he aims to be an all-rounder if he ever gets into production.

To share a fact, he did a dubbing for Amitabh Bachchan for an advertisement at a fee of INR 500 which was a big thing during those days.


What, where, why, when and how with Sharhaan Singh:

Shruti Sharma: How supportive was your family with your interest in modeling/acting?

Sharhaan Singh: I have always been the decision maker of my life Shruti. My family has remained cool with every decision taken by me.

Shruti Sharma: The influence of drug addiction and alcoholism has been massive in Punjab, what are your thoughts about it?

Sharhaan Singh: Punjab has always been a victim of drugs. Fortunately, I have been raised in a very supportive family that has guided me consistently to stay away from such addictions. I have great self-control. You get a lot of chances but, what you choose depends on it. For example: Suicide is your own choice; no one forces you to do that. Fortunately, I keep myself so busy that addictions and frustrations have no room in my space.

Shruti Sharma: Do you believe in future planning or you believe in ‘go with the flow’ theory?

Sharhaan Singh: I believe we must not corrupt our future with insecurities. I am myself nervous in doing things because I want to be good.


I learned one thing from an astrologer; ‘Don’t help people around you; help people who are not around’.
– Sharhaan Singh


Shruti Sharma: I know by now that there isn’t a single subject you haven’t experienced but, what would be your personal preference – Acting, Modeling, or Direction?


I would always want to be a ‘one man show.’
– Sharhaan Singh


Sharhaan Singh: From supervising the project to acting in it, I wish to be fully involved in anything I do. The more I experiment with these things; I learn something new every time.

Shruti Sharma: How has your experience been in this industry?

Sharhaan Singh: Considering the industry I live in, people don’t like to take advices. Remember, whatever we do in life, it all comes in use in future. I am learning every day and it has been a great experience.

Shruti Sharma: Are you scared of taking negative roles as an actor?

Sharhaan Singh: Generally, people are scared to take negative roles; I am not. I have learnt and experienced every single thing related to acting and modeling. If you continue to do well in personal life, it doesn’t get unnoticed in your professional life. So what roles you perform do not matter.

Shruti Sharma: What message would you like to pass to the readers and your loved ones?

Sharhaan Singh:

Be positive towards whatever you do and have faith.

I strongly want to pass a message to the bikers. The bikers must take care of how they handle their vehicles. They must never overtake from left, follow a normal speed, and always wear a helmet.


Straight from the writer’s desk:

Thank you, for this amazing time and conversation, Sharhaan. I respect the way you independently took stand for your career and how practically you have managed to do things in life. May you rise to the limitless sky and make others inspired by your work. Please remain the same optimistic personality always as you are. My best wishes are with you.

Love and Light.


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