‘Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee’ Face Tina Ann Philip Speaks About Her Strengths and Goals

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Skin Doesn’t Define Your Beauty, Says Tina Ann Philip!

Most of us have been raised with a presumption; ‘Fair is beautiful and Dark is ugly.’ I challenge this myth will be broken for many of us after reading this amazing conversation by Tina Ann Philip, the face of Ek Astha Aisi Bhee. She is gorgeous and determined.


Tina Ann Philip

Full Name: Tina Ann Philip

Profession: Model and Actress

Current Residence: Mumbai

Date of Birth: 8th December

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Popular Works:
  • Ek Astha Aisi Bhee – Star Plus
  • Laal Ishq – &TV
  • Mere Sai: Sony and more…
About Tina Ann Philip:

Tina Ann Philip comes from a non-entertainment background. Her family consists of members who have been associated with finance related profiles. She completed her studies from UK and was raised there. The adorable actress has been brilliant in her academics too. Tina has given many auditions with the objective of gaining experience in acting. She enjoyed giving auditions and never bothered on the selection process as she believed that her passion will anyway make her reach her goal.

Coming from a background where the family consists of highly intellectual professionals in education, it was a tough battle for Tina to convince her family for her acting career. Despite a ‘NO’ from family, she followed her passion and closed her first assignment; ‘Ek Astha Aisi Bhi’, with Star Plus.  Tina has experimented with versatile roles. From a positive, naughty, and innocent character of Aastha to a negative role in ‘Mere Sai’, she has proven to be a versatile actress. Tina was also noticed for her acting in the horror soap; Laal Ishq on &TV.


What, Where, Why, When and How with Ann Philip:

Shruti Sharma: Tina, we all have certain goals in life during our academics, what did you aspire to become after completing your studies?

Tina Ann Philip: I always aspired to be an actress, Shruti. I remember, I was 6 years old and acting fascinated me since then. Although, my family has a strong educational background and I did complete my CA but, I still wanted to get into acting always. After traveling from UK to Kerala and then to Mumbai, my goal was the same.

Shruti Sharma: How did you get your first break in acting?

Tina Ann Philip: I tried giving auditions for many projects. My mother gave me one year’s time to try for acting and if nothing works I was supposed to get back to a corporate job as an auditor.


I got a call to work as a lead for ‘EK Aastha Aisi Bhi’ after 3 and half months approximately from the date of audition.

– Tina Ann Philip

I was in UK as I went back after no luck in any auditions. In fact, they paid for my air travel.

Shruti Sharma: How supportive were your parents in letting you chase your dream for acting?

Tina Ann Philip: Nope, my family never liked the idea of me getting into acting. They wanted me to pursue my career as a CA or an auditor; however I was always clear what I wanted from my life. Although, they were never ready for this career, they did teach me a lot of things that helped me become confident and focused.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Tina Philip, suit

My dad taught me to never be a slave to your desire.

– Tina Ann Philip


I agree I am highly drawn towards acting but, not desperate for money or fame. The only thing I am desperate about is to let people know my work and abilities.

Shruti Sharma: How do you manage to balance the pressure of work and family pressure?

Tina Ann Philip: The only way to balance is that before you convince others, you must first convince yourself that you need to fulfill your goals as no one else will.


Do not reach your deathbed with this regret that you did not opt for your goals.

– Tina Ann Philip


Shruti Sharma: Most women outside the industry find it challenging to face the intentions by some people in the industry; can you share your experience?

Tina Ann Philip: Call it my education or lack of desperation; I have always kept my defenses. As I mentioned, I am not desperate for money or fame but, passionate for acting. I have done theater in UK. Thus, due to my background and experience I get to understand the wrong vibe and put my guards far up.

Shruti Sharma: Apart from acting, is there something that fascinates you?

Tina Ann Philip: I love to sing! I enjoy reading a lot and playing chess.


Tina Ann Philip was the semi-finalist for one of the Indian Idol Seasons


Shruti Sharma: Tina, you have spent most of the time in UK; have you ever been bullied?

Tina Ann Philip: I won’t say bullied there; but yes, Indians must appreciate the Indian Skin. I come from a country where people crave to get tanned.

People have looked down on me for my darker skin tone. Sadly, there is racism in our own country. I learned a long way to get over with this and appreciate what I am made of.


The racism in my own homeland affected me emotionally; I am glad I have learned to voice my opinion now.

– Tina Ann Philip


Shruti Sharma: What is the mantra that you follow to fight back depression?

Tina Ann Philip: You’ve never lost, until you’ve given up. I am a firm believer in god and I am proud to be independent. I am Independent to handle my struggles, goals, and my depression too.

I only had 2000 rupees in my account and did not know how I will manage things.

– Tina Anna Philip


I only had 2000 rupees in my account but, my belief in god got me my income tax returns.

Shruti Sharma: Any character that you loved playing the most till date?

Tina Ann Philip: I am very close to the character of Aastha as she believed in humanity. Being a spiritual person, I relate to her character the most.

Shruti Sharma: Message for fans?

Tina Ann Philip: Always follow your dreams no matter where you live; do not perform any activity forcefully as you won’t excel in that. Be courageous to follow your heart.

Straight from the writer’s desk:

Wow! I shouldn’t be saying this as a writer but, Tina left me speechless with her attitude towards life. A girl from UK with an Indian skin tone teased in her own homeland became the face of ‘Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi’. I strongly accept and agree that our inner beauty reflects our outer personality. From the time I know her; she can win people’s heart by her clean emotions and pure soul. I thank her wholeheartedly for the time she gave for this interaction and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

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