Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Unlimited Ambitious Chat with Mahaakshay Chakraborty (Mimoh)

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Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Unlimited Ambitious Chat with Mahaakshay Chakraborty (Mimoh)

Full Name: Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Place of Residence: Mumbai and Ooty

Profession: Bollywood Actor and Managing Director at the Monarch Hotel, Ooty.

Date of Birth: 30th July

Zodiac Sign: Leo

About Mahaakshay Chakraborty:

Let this beautiful day begin with an encouraging and emotional start. I certainly want you to be inspired after reading this short and sweet article on Mahaakshay Chakraborty (Mimoh).  My attempt of this write-up on Mimoh is to appreciate the valuable time that he has given to all those through me, who are sulking in their failures or misguided objectives.


Before you read his interview, make sure that you feel happy for what you are in life.


Mimoh is the result of the spiritual and beautiful connection of legendary stars Mithun Chakraborty and Yogita Bali. The beauty of his eyes is gifted to him by his mom and the dancing skills by his father. Mimoh was just 16 when he experienced the film fraternity. He learnt acting from B. Subhashji (director of Disco Dancer).

To be honest, I mistook him with that lean boy Rehan of Haunted – 3D movie. His current looks and transformation will leave you stunned! Do not miss to watch a few videos of his workout routine at the end of this article.


Be prepared to get magnetized by his charming aura.


Movies by Mahaakshay Chakraborty:

  • Jimmy, 2008
  • The Murderer, 2011
  • Haunted – 3D, 2011
  • Loot, 2011
  • Rocky, 2013
  • Enemy, 2013
  • Tukkaa Fitt, 2013
  • Ishqedarriyaan, 2015

My encounter with Mahaakshay Chakraborty:

We sat at Moshe’s, Infinity mall for some light snacks and green tea. I was waiting for this moment to see him as his character in Haunted is pretty close to my heart ever since I saw the movie. I strongly agree it is Mimoh’s innocence that took the movie to a different level of love and romance.

Coming back to our meet, let me distract you for a moment by describing his captivating aura. He came in grey trouser, black Tee with those pretty brown eyes, a wrist band, a silver chain, and an attractive watch. I must admit a very classy from his external features but, equally humble and grounded from within. We began with a casual introduction about each other and then jumped to the main element of the interview. Thankfully, the young author Bhairavi Sharma (my younger sister) was of a great help to me in conducting this long session.


Mimoh is very close to his siblings and Yogita Baliji. The brothers and sister share a deep bonding with each other.


Mimoh has hands on experience in various courses and sports like, Horse riding, martial arts, CrossFit fitness, and other similar activities. He has also completed a course in acting from Los Angeles. If not acting, he would have been in NASA. He is a freak who is crazy to understand the secrets of the Universe. Mimoh loves to do various courses in astrophysics.


Being a science man, he strongly believes in the Law of Attraction and accepts that there is only one god – The Universe.


We have to agree that there are many stars that are enjoying the peak of success with minimal experience, whereas there are few who maturely wait for the right time. Unfortunately, the artists in the latter category are often ‘underrated’. Mimoh has waited for his time and I strongly believe it has arrived, where Bollywood will be stunned by his skillful performances in a much unique manner. I managed to get some brilliant answers to a few questions asked to him that I have stated below:

  1. Do you think negative roles can be profitable or critical to acting career?
  • “Of course Profitable! I would love to do a negative role. I believe an actor should experience all the elements of acting. Irrespective of the role he chooses whether it is comedy, violent, or romantic, he is an actor at the end of the day. I certainly don’t agree that negative roles can affect the personal image of an artist. If the audience is scared at certain scenes, it proves that the artist has played his part well.”


  1. How is the entertainment industry according to you – Fake or Friendly?
  • “I would rather call it smart. The industry is very smart in handling people and profits.”


  1. Do you think casting direction plays a fair part in selection of stars?
  • “Considering the current trend, absolutely yes! There are reputed firms like, BombayCasting, Dazzler and a few more…”


  1. When a movie doesn’t show as expected at the Box Office, who is affected more? The artist or the director?
  • “The artist. If the movie is a failure at the box office, the artist suffers the most.”


  1. Compliments are admired and craved by all; how do you handle comments or people who talk at your back?
  • “I follow a 3 Seconds Rule –

Second 1: Accept,

Second 2: Get Affected, and

Second 3: forget it and move on.”

  1. What is that one role you would love to perform?
  • “I love war films. I won’t mind acting in any war movie as a soldier. It’s something I have awaited for.”
  1. How important is falling in love for you? Do you think it’s a waste of time, money, and energy or it’s a blessing of god?
  • “It is surely a blessing of god; Love is the purest feeling that every person must experience.”


  1. I am sure you have accomplished many goals and dreams in life already, but is there something that you still wish is yet to achieve or yet to do?
  • “The ultimate power and control is my goal. Everyone loves to have that. The person who is powerful has complete control over things. However, we must also know how to use it and at what degree.”

Straight from the writer’s desk:

I was waiting for this moment to share my experience with someone who knows how to rise like a superhero after a certain level of depression and failure. I now know the reason why the Universe brought the name ‘Mahaaskshay’ in his parent’s mind while Mimoh was born. In Sanskrit, it means ‘Immortal’. This vivid personality has a future as fulgent as million candles.

I don’t wish to comment deep into what Mimoh has experienced during his tender career stage of acting, but I know there is this tough warrior whom I just met. He is back with all the new rules of fighting back and proving his exceptional qualities. I bet, he will woo the audience at large by his current appearance.

Every moment of interaction with Mimoh was like relating to my own past experiences when people commented on my husky voice, disregarded my intellect, and commented on my quality of work. After the session, I felt fresh breeze into my veins that smiled at me and said; ‘Positivity attracts positivity always.’

Let me finish here with the note that I now wish to see him frequently on big screen and opening various chains of restaurants with the blessings of this parents.


I hope the twist and the wordings I have tried to put in this write-up inspires you to think differently about the true artists.

Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews coming your way.


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