A Memorable ‘Sunset’ Conversation with the ‘Rising Sun’ – Tanuj Virwani

Tanuj Virwani

Tanuj Virwani

A Memorable ‘Sunset’ Conversation with the ‘Rising Sun’ – Tanuj Virwani

Full Name: Tanuj Virwani

Date of Birth: 29th November

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Favorite Cuisine: Japanese, Thai, and Italian

Popular Movies: Purani Jeans, One Night Stand

Popular Tracks: Dil Aajkal Meri Sunta Nahin, Ijaazat Hai

About Tanuj Virwani:

Tanuj Virwani is one of the rising actors in Bollywood; he is known for his determined attitude and humor. I enjoy writing stories about people who are humorous, as their stories are not only interesting, but also last longer in the memory. Apart from his rib-tickling cheerful nature and exceptional talent of mimicry, let me remind you of his few sensational tracks of the era, Dil Aajkal Meri Sunta Nahin (Purani Jeans) and ‘Ek Baat Kahun Kya Ijaazat Hai (One Night Stand)’.

I may have won many hearts with my write-ups and interviews, but remembering the time he spent with us (Me and Author Bhairavi Sharma) brings a broad smile on my face. To a writer, a perfect ambiance and good mood to write matters the most and I believe the gods made it happen that day.


My First Meet with Tanuj Virwani:


We were invited to his Penthouse at Worli, where we met the young and dashing actor, Tanuj Virwani. The memories of the beautiful sunset, sound of the sea waves, chirping of the soothing birds and an open terrace are yet so fresh. It wasn’t more than a minute that he made us wait and there he was in blue jeans, purple winter tee, and an attractive sports watch. The French beard and the spiky hairdo looked just perfect for his personality. He carried a confident smile that half-answered all my questions about his attained stardom. (Do not miss to see the funny video of some movie dialogues translation by him and his hit songs uploaded especially for you).

The young Virwani passes a strong message through his interview and that is;


‘You can break the ice in any social environment with the help of your humor.’


Tanuj also expressed his love for his mom (former ravishing actress Rati Agnihotriji) and dad (Anil Virwaniji). Apart from acting, he loves to watch movies, cook in his own peaceful time, buy collectibles of superheroes, and do a lot of online shopping. He is not only a passionate actor, but also looks forward to direct movies on a full-fledged note, after successfully directing some impeccable short films.

He has done a small acting course (under the guidance of Kishore Namit Kapoor) to get an exposure and experience of cinema. Prior to acting, Tanuj has assisted various directors in movies like, Chance Pe Dance, and Aao Wish Karein. We all know that every actor goes through a learning phase during his initial acting career. Irrespective of whether he is a star kid or from a non-industry background, his supple nature takes him ahead with experience and time. Tanuj has delivered the same attitude towards his career and doesn’t believe that the hits or flops must affect an artist’s intention to entertain the audience.

Movies by Tanuj Virwani:

  • Luv U Soniyo
  • Purani Jeans
  • One Night Stand
  • Rihaa (Short Film Direction by Tanuj Virwani)

Straight from the writer’s desk:

For the first time, a writer falls short of words to describe how I felt in his company. His positive aura and humorous nature will make you forget all your worries and stress. I salute his parents for inculcating such positive energy in Tanuj Virwani. Personally, I am a big fan of Rati Agnihotriji’s smile and god has blessed Tanuj with the same qualities and features.

I never felt I met Tanuj for the first time; it felt like a reunion of long lost friends. My heart deeply prays for his success. I really wish to see him soon in his future films. I wish Tanuj Virwani all the best for his future endeavors and hope to cover Ratiji soon in my words.

Question Answer Round with Tanuj Virwani:

Shruti Sharma: Do you think a negative role has an impact on the artist’s image and career at large?

Tanuj Virwani: I would love to work as a –ve character! As an artist it is important that you ‘break the mould.’ Being a huge SRK fan, I can say that a negative role brings you further opportunities like how it began from Darr, Baazigar, and Anjam for Shahrukh. To add more, acting is an extension of life that every actor must experience. You cannot shy yourself and lie to the cameras by sticking to a particular genre. Versatility plays an important role in an actor’s career.


Shruti Sharma: Based on your interaction, is the entertainment industry Fake or Friendly?

Tanuj Virwani: It is both if you are not alert. It is obvious that you cannot pretend to be a lost babe in the woods. You need to learn to handle yourself properly as every day is a new learning experience in the industry.


Shruti: Do you think casting direction plays a fair role in the star cast today? How was your experience with your first audition?

Tanuj VirwaniEverything is based on casting direction. It is obvious that the final decision maker is the director at the end of the day; however, if casting firms do not place a deserving selection list on the desk of the director, the game ends there itself. To talk about my audition, I ran away from that place and couldn’t do it as that scared the hell outta me. My director called me and brought back the confidence in me. It took me sometime. but finally I grabbed the lead of Purani Jeans.


Shruti Sharma: When a movie doesn’t show desired results at the box office, whose credibility is at stake, a director’s or an actor’s?

Tanuj VirwaniIt depends, to be honest, Shruti. If the artist is a newbie, then it is obvious that he suffers as he finds it difficult to get more offers that soon. On the other side, if the director is to be blamed, then the experienced actors won’t be comfortable to work with him again. At the end of the day, it’s a team effort to make a movie hit.


Shruti Sharma: How do you handle comments and disturbing remarks of people who speak behind your back?


Tanuj VirwaniHonestly Shruti, it doesn’t bother me at all. I keep myself engrossed with various activities like short stories, direction, acting, playing cricket, watching movies, cooking, and hanging out with friends. For artists who get affected by those nasty comments, I suggest that they must stop finding themselves on Google. Instead of feeling affected, it is wise to get influenced by a positive aura.


Shruti Sharma: We all go through a hibernation mode at times in life; what do you do to bring yourself back in action?

Tanuj VirwaniI do not go through any hibernation mode. I rarely feel depressed and take life as it comes. You need to instruct your mind to be cheerful and positive all the time and to prepare yourself for whatsoever.


Shruti Sharma: Do you think love is a waste of time or a blessing of god?

Tanuj VirwaniOf course, love is a blessing of god! Love doesn’t have to be between opposite genders; it is found everywhere – our parents, our friends, our pet, and in the air. It is the most important and essential feeling to survive as we all crave to be loved.


Shruti Sharma: If you get the liberty to change one thing in the industry, what would that be?

Tanuj VirwaniI wish to eradicate Nepotism! I want to get rid of this tag; ‘actor ka beta’ and would love to see more newbies from outside. A few who do not belong to the industry, but have done marvellous jobs are Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Irrfan Khan.


Shruti Sharma: How should a celebrity handle his stardom?

Tanuj VirwaniStardom is no one’s birth right. You can wear it on your sleeve, enjoy it, and cherish it, but remember that it will all go away, one day.


Shruti Sharma: Tanuj, to end on an inspiring note, what three advices would you like to give to the audience and aspiring artists of the industry?

Tanuj VirwaniTo all my dear friends, loved ones, and fans;

  1. Don’t allow anyone to demotivate you.
  2. Be your own best friend.
  3. Be true to yourself & stay focused towards your goals.
Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews and entertainment specials coming your way!
Love and light to all…

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