Ravi Janghu

India’s Former Mr. Fit and Mr. Talented – Ravi Janghu Shares His Heartwarming Story

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Ravi Janghu

India’s Former Mr. Fit and Mr. Talented – Ravi Janghu Shares His Heartwarming Story

Name: Ravi Janghu

Title: India’s Former Mr. Fit and Mr. Most Talented

Date of Birth: 30th August

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 6’0”

About Ravi Janghu:

Modeling is a world of glamor, fame, recognition, and stardom. There are very few who know the struggle and real picture behind this glittering space. I am glad that I met India’s former, Mr. Fit and Mr. Talented, Ravi Janghu. He was amongst the top 5 contestants of Mr. India, 2008. His journey from a common individual to a well-known star is truly enlivening.

From a small farmer to India’s Mr. Fit and Mr. Most Talented, the journey of Ravi Janghu is truly inspiring

Ravi belongs to a small family of farmers. He is originally from a remote village of Haryana who had little opportunities but, immense strength and passion to achieve something great in life. For some moments of time I was lost in his words and stunned the way he has shown patience to achieve what he is today.

Many aspiring artists and models often breakdown their patience level; some commit blunders and some give up on their dreams. Ravi Janghu’s career story will lead you to greater heights of inspiration.

He was merely in 12th standard when he realized that farming was not meant for him; he wanted to do something different that will make his family and the whole village proud of him. To earn his living, he started to work in a normal bank. He used to study at his college and work as a part timer, also offering a helping hand to his father on the fields.

Ravi worked from morning till midnight during his struggling days

Cinema always fascinated Ravi just like any other teenager, but he didn’t know how to begin. He found someone who offered him a marketing job in events and shows. Assuming that this will lead him somewhere, he quickly grabbed the opportunity. The battle looked tougher than easier as he thought. Ravi used to attend his studies, perform his marketing role and learn to act post his daily routine. He used to begin at 7 in the morning and end up at 3 at night. Those were the days of hardships.

Struggle looks damn pretty when you start experiencing its results. When I asked Ravi about what motivated him to hold onto that patience level, he beautifully answered;

“My inner strength and my dad’s wishful eyes”

Today, Ravi is a lead actor for many movies, a star model for various ramps, and an inspiration to numerous beginners. His story is short but, a major eye opener for the aspiring artists who wish to enter the industry with major dreams in their eyes. When we look at the modeling world or an entertainment industry,

Ravi Janghu’s achievements:

  • Ravi was acclaimed with the title of Mr. Fit and Mr. Most Talented – India, 2008
  • He has done various cameo roles in movies like, Dus Ka Dum, Zilla Ghaziabad.
  • Ravi has recently done a lead role in an Assamese movie, Bahniman. The movie is a blockbuster hit in the history of Assam.
  • Ravi has performed an important role in the upcoming movies Bloody D and an art movie, Chooda – Ek Pratha.
  • A compilation of some major works by Ravi Janghu is linked at the end of the article.
  • He has performed in many hit video albums.

Straight from the writer’s desk:

Lunch with Ravi Janghu was one of the most memorable one. There was so much that I heard from him, which has truly enlightened me in life. I have just shared a glimpse of his story to you, but the way he has shared his life’s experiences and struggles was heartening. I respect every artist in the industry who has strived to make his existence in the industry.

On one side, there are few artists who like to boast about their achievements. On the other side, some artists take courage, time, and confidence to discuss about the challenges of their life. I am glad I heard the latter side of the story from Ravi Janghu. He is an amazing person at heart and a very straight forward personality.

Ravi was extremely close to his dad who is no more, but he feels his presence all time. I am sure it is his father’s blessings that he has reached this level of stardom. I pass my prayers and love to Ravi Janghu for a great future ahead and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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