Shakti Arora

Moments, fun and laughter with Shakti Arora aka RV

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Shakti Arora

Moments, fun and laughter with Shakti Arora aka RV

A True Actor Finds His Way to Act – Proves Shakti Arora

Full Name: Shakti Arora

Profession: Actor and Host

Date of Birth: 16th May

Zodiac: Taurus

USP of his popularity: Chocolate hero looks, appealing personality and magnetic smile

Place of residence: Mumbai

Remarkable roles:

  • Ranveer urf RV – Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
  • Jigar – Baa Bahoo Aur Baby
  • Taposh – Tere Liye
  • Talk Show Host – Gyaan Guru
  • Contestant – Nach Baliye Season 7
  • Contestant – Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9
  • Guest Star – Tuyul & Mbak Yul Reborn (Indonesian Soap Opera)
  • Guest Star – Pesbukers – Award winning comic show

Awards and recognition:

  • Best Rising Actor (2015) – Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
  • Youth Icon Award (2015) – Indian Television Academy Awards
  • Television Style Awards (2015) – Most Stylish Couple (with Radhika Madan)

About Shakti Arora:

‘The only failure in life is when you give up…’ – is what I learned from Shakti Arora in a recent illustrious meet with him. Shakti needs no formal introduction as his popularity is spreading like a wildfire in the world of entertainment. His magnetic aura and attractive personality are his weapons of making women gaga over him. Shakti emerged as a fine actor from his excellent works in ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’ by performing two roles of RV and Ranveer. His participation in reality dance shows like Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa portrayed his other side of skills in dance. Although Shakti has grabbed a bagful of rewards and accolades, his journey wasn’t a piece of cake. Read further for an interesting question and answer round with Shakti and his journey in acting.

Shakti Arora’s family background:

Shakti Arora is the grandson of veteran actor, Chandrashekhar. Some of his grandfather’s prominent works include; Cha Cha Cha, Barsat Ki Ek Raat, Kati Patang, Sharaabi, Ajnabee, Khauff and many others. He has two pretty sisters who are happily settled in life. The fact that Shakti had an influential support in the film industry, his journey in acting wasn’t an easy step to take. His family never wanted Shakti to enter the field of entertainment. Being a bright student in his academic life, his loved ones wanted him to pursue further studies in MBA and find a stable job. Their desire didn’t restrict Shakti from dreaming and chasing his goals.


“Nepotism is a bonus but it becomes a drawback if you don’t know how to sustain”, says Shakti Arora.


We are glad that the decision of acting was made by this lovely actor ever since he was a child or we may have missed experiencing his charismatic aura. Before Shakti could deliver or showcase his acting skills, he was criticized a lot for his skinny body and dull looks. The criticism began from home when he was suggested to shift his field as he couldn’t act.

The journey was tough but not impossible for him. From an Indian television star to an international icon, Shakti Arora’s never gave up attitude is the reason of his stardom today. The excitement of interacting with various popular stars increased every time he used to watch them meet his grandfather at their residence.


‘Not many are aware that Shakti is a Reiki healer and a spiritual person at heart.’


The struggle behind Shakti Arora’s success:


With the dream emerging in his heart as an actor, Shakti complete is IATA course from a travel and tourism Institute. Different decisions of survival were made in his life from the thought of establishing a travel agency to working different call centers. He had given a good number of interviews at various call centers but unfortunately didn’t make it to being selected for some reasons. Finally, Epicenter was the first call center where he worked as a caller.


“My first salary of Rs.12000/- for night shifts was like a check of lakh to me during those days.”
– Shakti Arora


Apart from working in a call center at nights, he gave auditions during the daytime. Shakti used to rush to different places, mark an entry and rush again to deliver audition one after another.


In 2 months Shakti had given more than 250 auditions during his struggling days!


There were times when he has worked for free to make an entry and worked endlessly for more than 52 hours. He skipped going to his place and slept on the sets itself. His biggest throwback to his struggle was the performance of the role of RV in ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’. He even did few junior artist roles in movies like ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’. It’s easy to describe this period of struggle in words but only a few deserving successful artists would relate to Shakti Arora’s journey in acting world.


‘Shakti Arora stayed for 3 months in a slum to grasp the lifestyle of a poor guy to adapt to the role of Ranveer.’


Qs & As with Shakti Arora:


Shruti Sharma: Which was your first break in acting?

Shakti Arora: My first break in acting was Veera (a television series); however, I couldn’t take it being caught with measles.  I did my first print shoot with Reliance.

Shruti Sharma: How did ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’ clicked for you?

Shakti Arora: I didn’t perform well during my audition to be honest Shruti, call it a blessing or my luck that I managed to grab that show which became the biggest milestone to my career.

Shruti Sharma: Would you ever like to do a negative role in your career?

Shakti Arora: If it’s a negative character with a positive side as an actor, I would love to. But, I won’t play a dark negative side and audience abuses you.

Shruti Sharma: Don’t you think negative roles are profitable in a career as they showcase your versatile talent?

Shakti Arora: No Shruti, if the audience doesn’t accept an artist for his negative role, I personally believe I won’t be comfortable to do it.


Shruti Sharma: How is the entertainment industry to you?

Shakti Arora: One word – FAKE. You just need to be tactful.

Shruti Sharma: Why are you not doing more Television soaps now?

Shakti Arora: I am grateful to God that I am in a position today where I can choose what script best suits my personality. I am waiting for the right creative character.

Shruti Sharma: Your appearance in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa was a total surprise; should I assume that you are fascinated with dance too?

Shakti Arora: I grabbed the opportunity to appear in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa to be known as Shakti Arora.

Shruti Sharma: Television or films, what would you prefer?

Shakti Arora: It is doubtless to agree that TV gives you face recognition but, I always wanted to get into films. I would love to do movies as a lead actor.

Shruti Sharma: What casting firms would you recommend to the newbies to prevent fake people and exploitation?

Shakti Arora: There are many reputed firms like Mukesh Chabbra, who are genuine in selecting the right talent.

Shruti Sharma: What is your mantra of fighting back all odds in life and career?

Shakti Arora: I strongly believed that I was never good for anything except for acting whereas others thought the opposite. I had faith in my belief and this faith helped me fight all odds in my career.

Shruti Sharma: How do you handle criticism in life?

Shakti Arora: Shruti, I am used to criticism since years. In fact, a compliment is a big thing for me and I feel blessed about it.

Shruti Sharma: If you were to make a remake of a movie, which would that be?

Shakti Arora: Tom Hank’s ‘Cast Away’! I love the actor and all his movies but Cast Away is close to my heart. Aamir Khan is another actor whom I admire. In Bollywood, I would love to do romantic roles like Shahrukh in DDLJ.

Shruti Sharma: Whom would you blame for a show’s failure?

Shakti Arora: Shruti, if a show or a television series flops, the entire team is to be blamed for it. However, I do believe that a right director and a good script make a big difference in the show’s success. Director is the captain of the ship. A good chemistry between the actors and the director is of utmost importance for any project to be successful. My director of Meri Aashiqui transformed me completely as I was never a people person.

Shruti Sharma: What’s your feel-good factor?

Shakti Arora: My fans! I feel blessed to have them in life and strongly believe that I am God’s child and his chosen one.  I value every fan of mine. To talk about another feel-good factor, I have always listened to this song which is close to my heart; ‘Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai.’ Thus, you must enjoy every moment of life.

Shruti Sharma: Where do I see Shakti Arora 10 years from now?

Shakti Arora: Producer helping some creative talent and a fine actor in films.

Shruti Sharma:  Please leave a message for the aspiring artists of the industry.

Shakti Arora:

  • Never compromise – those who approach for compromise will never give you work!
  • Always be humble and do not let stardom get over your head
  • Don’t hug depression and stay positive

Straight from the writer’s desk:


Despite the fact that I have written a lot about Shakti Arora, my hands can’t stop typing about his electrifying personality. Very few people are blessed with the quality of smiling through eyes and he is amongst those chosen ones. His dazzling eyes are more than enough to speak about his charismatic personality and positive attitude. I have learned one thing from this amazing long session with Shakti Arora, never fear to discuss your drawbacks and share your failures to people. The more you vent out, the better you will emerge as a person.

Shakti and I met at Café Moshes, Infinity Mall – Malad. He arrived in an alluring strip tee and branded jeans. His personality engaged the strangers who kept staring at him at our table. Although he just came back from Indonesia I thank him for this time of coffee with me and my sister. Shakti Arora, you are a magnificent person and a true artist. I wish you all the success, divinity and love in life.

Love and Light to you and your beloved fans.



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