Ribbhu Mehra

Heart-throbbing DJ, Performer, Actor and Star Plus Face – Ribbhu Mehra

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Ribbhu Mehra

Heart-throbbing DJ, Performer, Actor and Star Plus Face – Ribbhu Mehra

Some stars are not born; they emerge… Ribbhu Mehra is one of them.


Name: Ribbhu Mehra (popularly known as RIBZ)

Date of Birth: 17th November

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Profession: Actor, DJ, Music Composer, and Performer

Remarkable Roles:

Movie Ki and Ka (Special appearance opposite Kareena Kapoor)

Star Plus Soap: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Top DJ Performer Star at clubs like: Elevate, Quantum, Lord of the Drinks, and Tamasha

Ribbhu’s performances and show openings include some of the major names like:

  • Armin Van Buurren
  • Pitbull
  • Atif Aslam
  • Jal Band and more…

About Ribbhu Mehra:



“If fitness becomes your passion and music your career, no one can stop you to be Mr. Perfect!”


I know someone who has a perfect combination of magnetic physical appearance and electrifying music in soul; the name is Ribbhu Mehra. Although, Ribbhu is a young and dashing artist, his experience in the field of music and performance makes him a strong contender of current competitive industry. It was not too late that he made an entrance in a leading Star Plus show, ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ and he became one of the most popular personalities amongst the audience. His female fan following only gets better with every episode on the channel.



‘Ribbhu Mehra is passionate about sports (cricket to be specific), music, fitness, and acting.’


After investing time in education, family, and personal responsibilities, Ribbhu represented Elevate Club (first super club of India) as a DJ. Despite irresistible looks and charming personality, he never let pride take over his humbleness. It is one of the reasons why Ribbhu is successful today.

The struggle behind Ribbhu Mehra:


No journey of success is as smooth as a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter whether you are an outsider or hold some relation in the entertainment industry, struggle is unbiased for all. Ribbhu has faced his part of struggles and milestones. An age where majority of teens are attracted to spending money on drinks, clubs and discos, Ribbhu found the other way round. He decided to earn money through clubs!

“Some artists refine your soul and transform you completely through their music and talent.”

This breathtaking artist believes in zero compromise on academic career. Despite receiving various modeling offers and DJ invites, he never got swayed by the glitter of glamor world. From attending college in the daytime to classes in the afternoon, he also managed to conduct private parties at nights. Prior to joining as a DJ, he tried his skills in restaurant business and gained more experience in becoming self-dependent.


Qs & As with Ribbhu Mehra:



Shruti Sharma: What inclined you towards music?

Ribbhu Mehra: Shruti, I never thought music will drag me to this extent of passion. I remember; it was during my sister’s wedding when I arranged a surprise DJ for the guests. That was the moment when I got fascinated towards the DJ system. It truly amazed me to feel the excitement of people on those beats. I decided to take it as a subject and learn more about it on a serious note.

Shruti Sharma: If not music and acting, where would I find Ribbhu Mehra?

Ribbhu Mehra: Sports field! I love cricket and can’t deny that I am still crazy for this game. Whenever I have a breather from my busy schedule, you will find me on the field playing cricket with friends.

Shruti Sharma: I am sure it would have been very difficult to manage studies and living together; how did you balance it?

Ribbhu Mehra: I still remember how I used to attend my college in the morning, attend classes in the afternoon and conduct private parties at nights. This continued for some time and then I got the urge of doing something more. It was the time when I entered a restaurant business but, not for long.

Shruti Sharma: What inclined you towards acting apart from music?

Ribbhu Mehra: Shruti, I have participated in various fashion shows ever since I was a kid. So the glamour and glitz always had a close connection with me.

Shruti Sharma: Are you brand conscious?

Ribbhu Mehra: Not at all! I do like a few brands that add up to my personality. My advice to people is that you must wear clothes that look good on you irrespective of the brand. Bottom line, you must give preference to your comfort at first.


Shruti Sharma: Youngsters often get swayed by the quick flow of cash that they get through modeling and acting; quite often they get addicted to several habits. What advice would you like to give to them?

Ribbhu Mehra: Instead of getting into other addictions, get addicted to gym.

Shruti Sharma: What is your mantra of getting back in action?

Ribbhu Mehra: Yoga, kickboxing, dancing, singing, crossfit, and weight lift. These activities are stress busters for me.

Shruti Sharma: Where do I see Ribbhu Mehra 10 years from now?

Ribbhu Mehra: Wow! That’s a thoughtful question. Well, I would definitely want to see myself doing commercial Bollywood movies within these 10 years.

Shruti Sharma: What kind of roles do you prefer in acting?

Ribbhu Mehra: Although, I am not very stern in selecting my role Shruti but, I would love to do negative roles.

Shruti Sharma: Will it not impact your image in the minds of fans?

Ribbhu Sharma: Will it? I believe a negative role that looks sweet on face and cunning with emotions in a character goes a long way in engaging the audience.

Shruti Sharma: Coming back to your passion for music, what kind of music genre do you like?

Ribbhu Mehra: I love melodies! Something related to Kishore Kumar style. The recent attempt in singing tried by me was – Mere Sapno Ki Rani…

Straight from the writer’s desk:


An artist whom I just met, yet it feels I am so connected with his positive aura since long. Ribbhu Mehra is not just an entertainer; he is a complete package of entertainment. I am so enthralled by his way of looking at life. He is cheerful, joyful, extremely talented and full of surprises. I am glad that he was so casual and comfortable to interact with me. It felt as if we have communicated before too. Thank you for your time Ribbhu Mehra; it’s doubtless to say that you rock! I look forward to meet you again for a jam session where I would get a chance to listen to your singing. Stay blessed and keep smiling always.

Love and Light.

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