Did You Know These 5 Facts About The Veteran Actor – Om Puri?


Om Puri

Did You Know These 5 Facts About The Veteran Actor – Om Puri?

It is undeniable that Bollywood industry has suffered an irrecoverable loss by Om Puri’s death news. He will remain an actor who couldn’t be replaced by someone else for his acting. Although, Om Puriji is no more in this world, but he has left behind inspiring footprints for those who wish to attain success in the entertainment industry.

It is due to his continuous brilliant performances, he was honored with the prestigious Padma Shri Award and various other national awards. There are many things that we were unaware about Om Puri until we realized he will never return.

5 Inimitable facts about the veteran actor – Om Puri:

  1. International icon:

Om Puri’s inimitable acting style and unique voice texture was not limited to Bollywood; he was an international icon. There are plenty of films in which the star has left inspiring performances such as, Wolf, West is West, Gandhi, The Hundred-Foot Journey, and many more… He is one of those rare actors, who began the trend of taking national cinema to an international level.

  1. Self-Made Artist:

We often read about how popular celebrities promote their family members and children in the Bollywood industry. Om Puri was a self-made man. His father worked for Indian Railways and later was shifted to Army. With little knowledge about acting and abundance of confidence in his pockets, he entered the entertainment industry.

  1. Classmate to Naseeruddin Shah:

Om Puri was a classmate to Naseeruddin Shah and they both were studying at the National School of Drama (NSD). The actor was a great fan of Om Puri’s voice. In fact, in one of the interviews Naseeruddin saab also stated; “When I spoke to Om for the first time, I wished I had his voice.”

  1. Romantic Personality:

Om Puri was an amazingly romantic guy but extremely introvert in terms of expressing in words. Due to his heavy Punjabi accent, he used to avoid expressing his liking for girls during his NSD days. He would rather buy flowers, gift them chocolates, and write letters to impress them. In one of his interviews, he shared his experience and challenges of how difficult it was for him to impress women with his words.

  1. Versatile Actor:

Even today, Om Puri is known for his Punjabi style and intonation. It is Om Puri’s amazing confidence that he took up the challenge of acting in various movies of other languages. He would spend days and weeks to learn other languages, which he proved by his exceptional performances in different movies. He also did a Marathi movie, Ghashiram Kotwal and a Kannada movie, A.K. 47.

You will always be missed Om Puriji. May your soul attain great peace.

Hope you are inspired by this special contribution for the great actor, Shri Om Puri.
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