USPs of Vidyut Jammwal

Vidyut Jammwal
Vidyut Jammwal

USPs of Vidyut Jammwal

Many across the globe have been questioning the Martial Arts skills of this guy who introduced the world to one of the oldest forms of Indian Martial Arts – Kalaripayattu! The guy, an actor, martial artist and stunt choreographer, who sticks to his patriotic style even while practicing Martial Arts, is no other than Vidyut Jammwal!

Although, I dislike to compare two different personalities belonging to two different segments of Martial Arts, but if the world appreciated Bruce Lee, the founder of ‘Jeet Kune Do’ (JKD), why not Vidyut Jammwal, who is trying to promote the oldest form of Martial Arts from Kerala (a state in India) and that too with perfection. However, I believe in what few say, “Cares who!  Talent automatically spreads like fragrance that no one can block…”

An Explicit Fight Choreographer Turned Actor


Indeed, Vidyut Jammwal has to follow the directions of other fight choreographers alike the other actors, but he never misses a chance to plan his own stunts thereby selecting the toughest for himself. Most of his fight sequences are heart-pounding and most of the youth repeatedly keep watching those without getting bored.

Very few artists get the opportunity to design their own stunts and very few of those few make the best use of such an opportunity and Vidyut is one of those very few. Having said that, his fight choreography is sharp and explicit, and is thus secretly practiced by many young followers. He presenting himself as a skilled Fight Choreographer than simply an actor in any movie is his first prevalent USP.

A Devoted ‘Kalaripayattu’ Fighter


As a rising Bollywood actor, Vidyut Jammwal’s second most prominent USP is his hardcore devotion to ‘Kalaripayattu’. He could have chosen or switched to various Japanese or Chinese Martial Arts forms to reach success, but tolerating all the hidden risks, his infinite inclination towards a very old Indian Martial Arts form called ‘Kalaripayattu’, practiced in Kerala, is quite evident in all his fight scenes.

To add more to it, a little blend of some modern stunt techniques acts as a cherry on the cake. After watching all his combat sequences, the audience keeps talking about them for months together. ‘Action’ is the word which is proficiently denoted by Vidyut Jammwal through his brawny body and composed brain. He very proudly faces the accusation of being stereotypically casted only in action movies, and his ‘this’ pride is a clear indication of he being an exceptionally devoted ‘Kalaripayattu’ fighter.

An Audacious Risk-Taker


 Very few in this world have the audacity to take fatal risks as challenges and Vidyut Jammwal proves to be the one amongst those very few and this thus becomes his another famous USP. Trying a new stunt, showing patriotic love for ‘Kalaripayattu’, silently challenging world-famous stuntmen, and blending contemporary stunt techniques with traditional Indian Martial Arts are all high risk generating factors contributing to his slow, but steady progress. By accepting these risks, he has slowly driven the audience from the same old repetitive action stuff thereby raising the benchmark in action movies. His fighting style clearly specifies the kind of passion he has to promote Indian Martial Arts on a gigantic scale.



As an Indian, I not only appreciate his dedication towards our conventional Martial Arts culture, but also his determination to promote it expansively through our movies. In the strenuous and competitive Bollywood world, where many renowned personalities (including male and female actors) are indulged in practicing non-native or international Martial Arts forms, there’s this one guy who, at his level best, is religiously promoting our very own ‘Kalaripayattu’ at an international level. This mesmerizing act can be done by the one and only – Vidyut Jammwal!

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Asavari Sharma (Ash)

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