Vidyut Jammwal

An article dedicated to a sturdy and hardy Bollywood Actor – Vidyut Jammwal

Vidyut Jammwal

An article dedicated to a sturdy and hardy Bollywood Actor – Vidyut Jammwal

The man who clearly displays his belief in “Action speaks louder than words” through one of the oldest Martial Arts forms of India, Kalaripayattu – Vidyut Jammwal!

Well, there are many impeccable martial artists who have the capabilities to magnetize people with their unbelievable fighting skills. If you don’t find this statement true, please check our very own video-sharing website, www. So, what are the USPs that have driven people crazy for this not so new face in Martial Arts now?

Silent warrior:

He is a silently emotional warrior. There was once a time in Vidyut’s personal life when people started backing him out for some god forsaken reason (or maybe I personally don’t want to write anything about it). Rumors, questions with personal remarks, media sarcasm and offence piled up for him like a never-ending story. Nevertheless, he stood up like a man without exposing anything further to maintain his dignified privacy. Displaying wrath with extra poise and vigilance showed his art of balancing emotions in life. His equanimity even when times were rough showed his veiled manhood. Despite playing blame-games or ducking time, he focused on his career-goals and moved on silently just like a warrior sitting on a rock after the bloodshed is over at the end of any war movie; and this, as a whole, becomes his USP.

Respect for women:

Vidyut’s immense respect for women adds up to being his best USP so far. There are many in this world who claim to have high regards for feminine gender, but their hidden hypocrisy is exposed when time calls for some much-needed actions. This man stands apart from such crowd as he genuinely shares high respect for feminine gender. Most of his interviews and fight sequences provoke women to learn self-defense techniques. He has always been supportive of the idea that every girl must learn to be independent and self-protective. His burly character is also reflected when one doesn’t find him in any gossip or dating business despite one very strong personal crunch. This characteristic is a pure indicative of him waiting for the right time and the right woman sharing the same level of love and understanding –  (just a wild guess!).

Self-praising technique:

Vidyut Jammwal’s self-praising technique makes him stand headstrong and this, thus, becomes his outstanding USP. Let’s see how do we explain this analysis…

We may have read many books stating ‘Pat on your back’, ‘ Appreciate self when no one does’, ‘Self-praise boosts your confidence’, ‘Think high and let the world know who you are and what can you do’, etc. When this man speaks what we have simply read, but never followed, unfortunately, we accuse him of being a chauvinist, egoist, and/or a man who blows his own horn. Hope we start making some sense out of our own criticism.


Vidyut Jammwal never really bothered about what the world thinks of him. He is very clear of who he is and what are his capabilities and when he speaks of himself, he is just helping the world to know him and his potential better.  He had always battled bad times with silence and grace and has been pretty bold to tell the world how he did it and what he feels about his victory. Making privacy his benchmark, he is very particular about his self-achieved dignity, and thus knows his limitation as an actor, a human and above all, as a true man!

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Article Written and Submitted by Asavari Sharma (a.k.a.) Ash

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