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Inspirational Baatein with the Most Favorite Sasur and Daddaji of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ – Abhijit Lahiri

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Inspirational Baatein with the Most Favorite Sasur and Daddaji of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ – Abhijit Lahiri

Name: Abhijit Lahiri

Age: 61

Profession: Actor, Theatre Artist, Acting Mentor, Musician, Astrologer, and much more…

Place of Residence: Mumbai

Inspirational Baatein with Abhijit Lahiri – The ‘Daddaji’ of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

We all know his respectable image by the role of Daddaji in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai; however, not everyone knows in detail about our favorite, Abhijit Lahiriji. I bring to you some of the amazing facts of his past and current life that will inspire you to the core!

The man who contributed to the Indian cinema greatly in unforgettable movies like, Mangal Pandey, Satta, Chandni Bar, The Rising, My Wife’s Murder and many more, has a lot more to discuss and share.

Lahiriji’s Early Life:

  • His father (Shri Arun Kumar Lahiri) was an amazing dancer. Lahiri saab had a musical family of dancers and musicians; however due to financial constraints, his father was forced to pick up a job to raise the living. Abhijitji worships his parents like gods. When Abhijitji showed the desire to act in theatres as well as acting, he started attending the ICE class at 9 am in the morning, and then used to travel for shoots that lasted till 2 am. It also took a toll on his health; however his spirit of working never lessened.
  • Early in the morning, Abhijitji’s father would wake him to practice harmonium. He was only in his 9th grade when he completed his 6th year in classical singing and instruments such as; Harmonium and Swarmandal. In order to raise his living, Lahiri saab started to work as a Sales Manager. In the midst of this, he applied for a scholarship in National School of Drama (NSD), Delhi. After a year of long wait, he received the letter welcoming him to join the school. He worked at the NSD for 6 years and then shifted to Mumbai in 1996. That was the first time when he stepped out of the house all alone.
  • Lahiriji was known for his long hair during his early life of drama and acting. People loved his looks and many of them even tried to imitate his personality. From a pony tail to a six pocket pant and now to a collection of hats, he has always carried a style statement of his own.
  • There came a time when things were coming back on track and Abhijitji was enjoying the peak of success but, the clouds of sorrows startled in Lahiri saab’s life once again. His father passed away in 2010 and mother died in 2012. He still misses them bad.

Lahiriji’s Career Life:

  • Despite having worked in a number of big banner films, Abhijit saab always had a flair for theatres. He has acted in theatres for many prominent plays including Rome & Juliet, Kalidas, Marco Apollo, Thikana Paschim, and various more. The role of Kublai Khan was one of the most challenging roles of his life as it taught him deep Urdu words that were never pronounced by him before.
  • After immense research and hardcore dedication in the subject of theatre, Abhijitji launched his own theatre, SAS – Struggle, Adventure, and Success. ‘A Handful of Dust’ was the very first play where he performed as a lead performer, writer, director, lighting arranger, and set designer. It was an act written by a Polish writer.
  • He received various awards for his best theatrical performances. He has given his dedication and love to theatres from 1970-1994. Now, that itself is a commendable experience to cherish apart from Indian Cinema.
  • Acting for Indian Cinema was another skill that fascinated Abhijit Lahiriji. His very first serial that he acted was for Sahsraphan. It was a Bengali serial that was aired on Doordarshan. The title means, Thousand Heads of a Snake. He performed the role of a cunning and orthodox Brahmin in the TV series.
  • Although, he is a Bengali, he learnt to speak fluent Urdu, Marwadi, Gujarati and various other languages for several TV serial roles. A few prominent TV serials in which Abhijitji gained immense popularity are:

  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Baalika Vadhu
  • Swaragini
  • Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu
  • Ek Chaabi Hai Padoss Mein
  • 9 Malabar Hill
  • Siya Ke Ram and many more…

He has played important character roles for major movies like:

  • My Wife’s Murder
  • Gangajal
  • Satta
  • Chhal
  • Chupke Se
  • Talwar (Aarushi’s Murder Case)
  • Tango Charlie
  • Mangal Pandey
  • Sehar
  • Chandni Bar
  • The Rising
  • Jai Santoshi Maa
  • Bombay Summer, and many more to name.
‘The entertainment industry also calls him, the HAT-MAN for his amazing collection of hats in his wardrobe.’

 Straight from the Writer’s Desk:

At Cafe Indigo

I am too young to comment anything about this amazing personality and human-being. It was splendid to have spent time with him and exchange a long conversation. I learnt many things from Abhijitji and it has been an honor to spend time listening to his life’s journey.

We enjoyed a coffee session and few snacks at the Indigo, The Elegant Chain Restaurant; I didn’t realize when the time passed, as there was yet so much to listen and share with him. Apart from professional life, Abhijitji is a star in his personal life too.

He makes delicious Doodh Pooli, which is an authentic sweet of Bengal. I wish I could ever get a chance to taste it as the recipe provided by him was mouthwatering and difficult to resist. He is extremely fond of fish, homemade food, and Bengali sweets.

He loves to travel to long distant places, experience the mountains, and take fresh breeze near the lakes and oceans. Meghalaya is one of his most favorite destinations that he loves to visit frequently. In free time, Lahiri saab loves to listen to Abba, especially the Eagle song.

He was crazy about watching movies ever since he was a kid. They were a group of 6 close friends who used to save money earned from NCC to watch first day first show. He is still in touch with some of his school friends and that only shows his grounded nature. The veteran actor, Uttam Kumar has always remained his idol personality and Rajesh Khanna as his most favorite romantic hero.

I don’t know how to thank him for his time and as much as I know about him now, I can say this much;

“Äbhijitji, Abhi aur bahaut Jeetein baaki hain!”
RCity Mall

My best wishes for all your future endeavors and I need your blessings always.

Message to the Audience by Abhijit Lahiri:

“Be honest to yourself. It is very important that you are open to learn and understand where you stand in life, it helps to stay grounded. The stars of initial period have also faced downfalls in life, thus it is highly important that you keep yourself positive and strong to face everything whatsoever.”

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