Amidst the pandemic, an artist must not leave his oath to entertain – Karron Mallik

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Life hasn’t been easy and who knows it better than an artist! An actor doesn’t leave any stone unturned to entertain people. Despite the global pandemic, we know that artists have been striving to keep us hopeful and smiling throughout. I had a quick online interaction with one such artist, Karron Mallik. From the journey from Mr. Grasim, 2005, and performing in oodles of ad films, Karron has a positive story to share.

Karron Mallik

Full Name: Karron Mallik

Profession: Model and Actor

Current Residence: Mumbai

Date of Birth: 8th March

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Popular Works and Title:

  • Mr Grasim (2005) – Contestant

Popular Ad Films:

  • Compact computers 
  • Onida TV
  • Birla sun life insurance 
  • Pepsi ad (starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra)
  • Pantaloons
  • Muesli power 
  • Fair N Handsome – Hindi Ad (starring Shah Rukh Khan)
  • Fair N Handsome – Tamil Ad (starring Surya)
  • V Zone 
  • Margdarshi Chitfund (starring R. Madhvan)
  • Pepsi Video (starring Sachin Tendulkar & Rahul Dravid)


About Karron Mallik:

Karron Mallik is an Indian actor and model. He is one someone who displays lots of courage and confidence despite the highs and lows in life. Karron started his journey as a model and landed in the field of acting. He has appeared in various top-notch commercial ads and worked with artists of high repute. That makes him one fine artist himself!

The entertainment industry is picture-perfect for me; I have everything that I desired because of this industry.

–  Karron Mallik

In an era where the world is running upside down and many businesses shutting down, artists like Karron Mallik have come a long way to share the biggest secret of living with confidence. Do you know what that is? That is to begin from struggle and continue to shape up that struggle. There is no other way to fall in love with your struggle and challenges.

Career Background:

Karron was only 20 when he entered the entertainment industry. He is an engineer by education. As soon as he shifted to Mumbai, Karron was selected for Grasim, 2005 as one of the contestants. There was no looking back for Karron. He truly admires Shah Rukh Khan and feels blessed to have got the opportunities to not only act but also learn the basics of acting from him.

I believe you don’t choose a profession; it’s the profession that chooses you

–  Karron Mallik

Karron is a trained actor from Namit Kapoor Acting Institute. He has also acquired training from filmmaker Mr. Prakash Verma. With the urge of continued learning, Karron also worked as an assistant director for Balaji Telefilms.

What, where, why, when, and how with Karron Mallik:

Shruti Sharma: I can sense your love and admiration for Shahrukh Khan, how special he is to you?

Karron Mallik: Consider it luck or blessing that I have got to work with some of the legendary artists. Working with Shahrukh Khan Saheb has been very special to me and the memories are close to my heart. He is not only a great artist but also an exceptionally good human being.

I have learned a lot from his acting tips. He is one person whom I would like to thank who has guided me to shape up my career. Shahrukh Khan is an institution in itself. His zeal and passion for acting can never be imitated but only learned.

Shruti Sharma: What inspired you to choose acting as your profession?

Karron Mallik: I believe you don’t choose a profession; it’s the profession that chooses you and your destiny helps you reach there. All you need to do is follow your heart and be sincere in whatever you do. You must perform sincerely rather than worshipping your work.

Shruti Sharma: What are you most passionate about apart from acting and modeling? Can you share your likes and dislikes?

Karron Mallik: I am keen and passionate about fitness! It’s been 15 years with fitness and a balanced diet as my routine. I do not smoke and drink ever since I picked modeling and acting.

To share more, watching people act is another thing I enjoy the most. Other than that, I enjoy scriptwriting. It’s a beautiful feeling to turn pages into a beautiful canvas called a Film.

Shruti Sharma: If you have to change one thing about the entertainment industry, what would that be?

Karron Mallik: Our entertainment industry is like a dream; one cannot control or change a dream. I do not wish to change anything. It is a beautiful gift that I feel blessed with. We must cherish it always…

Shruti Sharma: Please share with us something about your family background.

Karron Mallik:  I am from Delhi. My father was a banker and my mother was a school teacher. My wife was flying with Lufthansa airlines and I am a father to two beautiful kids. We as a family work as a unit to make it big in life.

I am thankful to god for a supportive family who has guarded me through my thick and thins. I believe that’s what made me survive the struggle and reach where I am today…

 Shruti Sharma: Any message for the audience?

Karron Mallik:  I just want to say that our industry is fair to everybody and there is nothing called Nepotism. It’s in any business that the father would want his son to take over his company regardless of whether he is an artist or a common man.

I am glad that it is only in our industry every person gets a chance irrespective of his background. It’s the audience that decides who would be a superstar and who will be a flop. It’s only the power of people in the entertainment industry that decides a HIT or a FLOP.

We must all respect the industry and shower it with more love, especially amidst this pandemic where artists are striving to entertain people. In return, they only need their support appreciation for a television or film.

Straight from the writer’s desk:

I don’t know if I must call it a blessing or destiny that we connected online. Karron Mallik, I thank you wholeheartedly for being so sincere, patient, and humble for this write-up. Although, I have not played a fair part on my behalf to give you the deserving title as I have no power to do so and I know you are way above the success ladder for me to comment on.

As an artist myself, I can only learn and appreciate the level of patience you have delivered amidst this pandemic, with me, towards your work, and the whole global situation where most of us feel helpless…. I wish you all the best for your upcoming projects and eagerly wait to see you on screen more often.

                                                        My Love and Light to All                               

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