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10 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Celebrity That Will Blow Your Mind


Gifting Ideas for Your Favorite Celebrity

The most awaited dream is finally turning true and you are all decked up to meet your favorite star! You are certainly never going to forget this moment for life but, ever thought to make the same for your lovable celebrity too? What can you do that this meet is remembered from them as well? Gifting is a great idea to express your love to your favorite celebrity. Undoubtedly, your gift has to be special and unique that straight enters their heart. They have majority of the things that you can think of; how you present it and what made you buy that gift make a great difference. I have some gift tips for you that will help you deliver your heart’s message to them very clearly.

Gifting ideas for your favorite celebrity:

  1. An expensive watch:

They wear it always as their job is time bound. Majority of the celebrities cannot think of leaving the house without a wrist watch. It is something that they will always look at and remember you. There must a favorite brand that they admire. Gift them a watch of their brand and see their reaction!

  1. Bobble-head:

I bet, this idea has recently arrived in India and despite its prominence abroad; artists crave for their own image. They have received oodles of portraits, sketches, collages, and paintings of their own. You must see their reaction on my show – Seasons with Shruti Sharma after I gifted them the Bobblehead. It is something unexpected and they will truly love you for this every time they watch themselves bobbling.

  1. Diamonds:

Did I just say diamonds! Oh yes I did mention diamonds! Turn the saying; ‘diamonds are girls’ best friend’ true by gifting your favorite celebrity actress a diamond. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a ruby, emerald, or a diamond of a pebble size. Anything sleek too may pass your message smoothly. Diamonds look attractive in all forms and it pinches to pass the gift away to someone else. Thus, they will keep the diamond close to them and remember you every time they wear it.

  1. Spiritual gift:


The message of love and light has been spreading fast. I remember when I began interviewing celebrities for my blog; I spent days to think of what to gift them so that they remember me for long. They have almost everything they desired as they have earned that success with struggle and determination; however love is always craved for regardless of how much you receive it. I and my sister (Author Bhairavi Sharma) decided to start spreading love and light in their life by giving them a small assorted spiritual box. My love and light box contains some perfumed potpourri, scented candles, floating flowers, candle holder, and tea light candles. We keep changing the stuff based on the color combination and ambiance where we plan to visit them. Guess what! All of them loved the thoughtful message and efforts taken to decorate the stuff all by us. Okay, I am being selfish to take the credit here whereas just the idea is mine but the entire decoration, creativity, and selection is done by my younger sister, Bhairavi Sharma.

  1. Gift templates:

Now this is crazy stuff! Have you ever received a gift voucher or a gift template by someone on your birthday? It is crazy and amazing isn’t it! Celebrities have a keen fascination towards shopping or collecting cars. But they crave for appreciation the most. How about gifting them an annual membership at their nearest authorized dealer for their car wash or presenting them a framed certificate of excellence for an amazing job done? They are going to love you for this thought that you care for their hard-work and efforts. There are amazing templates on the web to choose from.

  1. Religious idols:

Good numbers of people in Bollywood have turned religious yet, they are not rigid. Regardless of their religion, they believe in Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is the sign of wisdom, success, and good luck. Gifting them a large idol of Ganesha made of metal or brass would be an ideal thing to win their hearts. It shows that you really want your favorite star to flourish. Pass your good luck and best wishes to them through this religious effort. I bet they will start admiring you.

  1. Gym products:

A huge craze of fitness is rolling in Bollywood for some time now. People have become crazy in competing with each other’s personality in the entertainment industry. I don’t blame them for this; it is the stiff competition and their own passion to say fit. The idea of a gift hamper loaded with gym stuff would encourage them more to hit the gym. Include whey packet of their preferred taste, gym equipment like dumbbells, gym belt, waist wraps, sports watch, gym bag, hand gloves, expander, jump rope, sipper, and other similar stuff to make it look attractive and big. If you can’t see them daily, I bet they will see these daily and think of you at least once!

  1. Personalized luggage accessories:


Continuous travel for events, shows, and shoots keep your stars on their toes. What can you do for them that they remember you while sitting in the aircraft? I have something amazing to share with you; whether it has the name John Abraham, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Parineeti Chopra, or anyone in your favorite celebrity list, they will thank you for this sweet thought of gift. I am talking about personalized and customized luggage accessories such as a passport holder, suitcase tag, and wallet. Crave their full name on this stuff and let them flaunt these personalized gifts wherever they go.

  1. Wine accessories:

If you have a connection for the female stars, I bet they will love for this change. Most of the celebrities have a fascination of designing a private bar area where they love to chill out with their loved ones and friends during free time. Gifting them a set of wine accessories would be wonderful! Choose something that is unique in its looks and I am sure they will thank you for this. You may also customize the gift box by mentioning your feelings of why you love them so much on screen. These celebrities work days and nights to entertain us; it is time we must thank them by these sweet gestures.

  1. Personalized photo frame:

Irrespective of millions of pictures by the paparazzi, they love the feeling of watching themselves over and over. It gives them a sense of satisfaction to see from where they started and how far they have reached. Gift them a large photo frame of their pictures so that they can hang it and watch it every day. You may even add a compliment on every picture and select your favorite pictures in the collage frame.

Hope you found this article helpful in selection of gifts for your beloved celebrity. I truly know and can relate how it feels to see them in person and converse with them. From butterflies in the belly to Goosebumps on hands, it’s a different experience altogether to see them in real next to you after watching them only on screen all this while.

Trust me, these artists are the real gem and reason behind all our emotions. They make us happy, sad, excited, thrilled, nervous, and crazy by their acting skills. It is just not that easy as it was for me to type here. Every actor and actress regardless of cameo, lead, special appearance, or character role, they work really hard to touch your heart. Sometimes they win to do it and sometimes things don’t run in their favor either. We mustn’t blame them; time isn’t same for us all either. I truly admire every artist from Bollywood as I know I have smiled, cried, danced, and have been motivated watching them on screen.

Forgot from where I started, yes buying gifts for your most preferred celebrity; well, there are few things that you need to take care of:
  1. Avoid buying cosmetics:

You never know what their favorite brand is and what they prefer. Most celebrities have their personal makeup artist. It won’t be a good idea to make a googly here.

  1. Do not buy food items:

You can be a foodie but for your favorite celebrity food is something that they stay away from. Due to their profession, most celebrities are diet conscious and so they follow rigorous diet pattern.

  1. Weird crafts:

In India, we often get scared of weird stuff and relate it to black magic. It is quite possible that your hot celeb might feel the same. I advise, avoid gifting them weird craft items.

  1. Animals to pet:

You may have noticed innumerable pictures of your darling celebrity on social media with their pets but giving away a living being as a gift would be unwise and not many will appreciate that. There is a way and intention to give someone an animal to pet but you never know how your star will react to it. I suggest, avoid doing it.

Keep coming back for more entertainment and exclusive interviews of your favorite celebrity as I would love to see your comment on my screen.

Love and Light.

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