Lights Festival at Hiranandani

5 Major Experiences of Being a Part of 2017’s Lights Festival at Hiranandani


5 Major Experiences of Being a Part of Hiranandani’s Lights Festival’2017

Let me begin by wishing you a great start of 2018; hope you had a fantastic one! Amidst the busy city of Mumbai where people celebrate festivals among-st themselves and hang around more at clubs for New Year celebrations, a place like Hiranandani, Powai is a major exception. Recently, I visited to see the lights festival at Hiranandani. Mumbai sees more of private parties, family get-to-gathers, and friends’ hangouts, but a place like Hiranandani thinks of everyone at large.

Powai’s Hiranandani is the place where there is no age bar when you think of celebrating New Year. An array of hotels surrounds you and what’s more? People who are working happily extended their working hours to enjoy the enchanting view from their work windows. Whether you are home, working, or just wandering at Powai, this is the place to be from 29th December to 2nd January!

5 Major Experiences of Being a Part of Hiranandani’s Lights Festival ‘2017:

  1. Eat outs:

One of the major advantages of being a part of the lights festival at Hiranandani is that you don’t have to wait at the queue for reserving your table. Hiranandani has oodles of restaurants and eat outs for you to explore without waiting outside the restaurant. I can’t forget the hot donnuts from MAD and coffee at Starbucks while watching the lights yesterday evening.

  1. Lights and fireworks:

Don’t sulk at other places with an empty stomach and wait long to watch the fireworks when you have a place like Powai where the party is on throughout. Every path and turn that you take has a different light theme that you just can’t miss. For instance, either step outside Haiko supermarket or visit the park near the D’Mart area, its mind-blowing for its colorful lights.

  1. Age no bar:

Mumbai is known for nightclubs but sadly, that’s the place where families with kids and elderly citizens cannot roam around. I happened to take my 10 year old daughter to the lights festival at Powai and can’t express how delightful she was to see this level of colors at night. No camera or phone can capture that smile and experience; one has to personally visit to cherish it.

  1. Excellent crowd:

Hiranandani, Powai shows you the true crowd with crazy festive spirit. On one side you will find elite families and foreigners wandering to appreciate this colorful moment and on the other side, there are people who come from different locations just to experience the fancy of this magical night at Hiranandani, Powai.

  1. Themed lights:

Till the moment I stepped onto the roads of Hiranandani, I only found a few houses and churches lighted with the Christmas and New Year spirit. The streets were dead and dull. As soon as you step the entrance of Hiranandani, you will be taken to the wonderland of lights and see what New Year participation truly is. Not only the streets but even the roofs of the building were lighted beautifully!

It was a spectacular experience and I always feel blessed to be a part of this light festival at Hiranandani, Powai. I would personally like to praise and thank the entire team who not only made New Year’s Eve like an actual celebration, but also made it truly amazing for those who are working for nightshifts at Powai. As per me, it is only this place that takes care of every individual’s happiness and excitement. Lastly, from a mother to the entire Hiranandani team; no words can thank you for bringing a glorious smile on my daughter.

I had a magnificent experience ever!

Love and Light.



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