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A Sweet Rendezvous with the Director, Producer, & Screen Writer – Rajiv Ruia

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A Sweet Rendezvous with the Director, Producer, & Screen Writer – Rajiv Ruia

About Rajiv Ruia:

The man behind ‘My Friend Ganesha 1, 2 & 3’ and the maker of the sensational horror flick of the year, Saansein (starring Rajneesh Duggal, Sonarika Bhadoria, & Hiten Tejwani), Rajiv Ruia is a phenomenal director! Rajiv was just 16 when he started to learn editing. Film direction and editing always enthralled him. He worked as an Assistant Director with various top notch filmmakers for almost 7 years before he began his actual journey in films as a director himself.


Good News for Children: ‘My Friend Ganesha 4 Is On Its Way!’


The Idea behind My Friend Ganesha:

Rajiv was obsessed with launching an animation series related to Lord Ganesha as he strongly believes in worshiping Ganpatiji. After some struggle in approaching various directors and producers, finally one of the prominent producers listened to his idea behind this concept. Rajiv never expected that his short Ganesh’s animated clip that he made for the audition would make the producer so delighted that the title ‘My Friend Ganesha’ was immediately signed to be a movie rather just an animated TV series. It was no looking back for Rajiv from there.

The film had such an impact in the minds of the audience that people from different religious background also started keeping Ganesh’s idols in their houses during the festival.

Rewards and Recognition:

  • The movie My Friend Ganesha was appreciated and went this far that it won him the National Award and Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Award.
  • Rajiv Ruia was honored as one of the most esteemed directors in India from the Governor of Maharashtra.
  • He won the NIFF Best International Director Award, 2014.
  • Rajiv was also dignified with Golden Achiever Award as a best director and story writer, 2015.
  • He was also awarded for his movie, Flame in 2014.

‘Rajiv had the idea to make a film on Lord Ganesha as he was blessed with a pretty daughter on Ganesh Chaturthi and so, he strongly believes in the almighty’

7 Interesting Facts about Rajiv Ruia:

  1. Rajiv’s daughter was born on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
  2. Rajiv has made more than 200 music videos in his initial phase of career.
  3. His movie, ‘My Friend Ganesha’ is being played on special public demand for more than 1000 times on Indian Television, which is similar to a world record in itself.
  4. Rajiv Ruia is fond of kids and always wanted to make something for them. This is why he began with an animated film series.
  5. My Friend Ganesha’ is India’s first composite animation movie.
  6. He is currently working on an animation project on Lord Shiva, which will be India’s first 4D animation movie.
  7. Rajiv Ruia is one of those unpretentiousdirectors, who has introduced and gifted many talented technicians and artists to the Indian film fraternity at no second thought.

‘The idea of his recent dreadful horror movie, Saansein was inspired of the past true horrific events that they faced on the sets of his previous movie Direct Ishq.’

Straight from the Writer’s Heart:

An interaction with Rajiv was one of the most memorable moments as I learnt a lot from this amazing personality. Only a commendable director like him can define simplicity in its best form. He didn’t take a second to settle himself for clicking a picture for the write-up and that only shows how dedicated he is in his work rather his appearance. Rajiv’s work speaks through his movies. He has no greed for awards, rewards, fame, and glamour. According to Rajiv, if he can bring some smiles on those little innocent kids through his movies, it makes his efforts worth it!

I have seen the trailer of Saansein and I know the efforts behind every character who acted in the movie. As an audience, its effortless to watch a movie, be a critic and comment on what we see on big screen, but very difficult to fit in the size of others’ shoes and bear the pain of direction. I must say, he is an in born director!

How does Rajiv Begin His day?

He would prefer to see Poha on his dining table to kick start his day and multiple offerings of green tea cups on his work station for fresh ideas to emerge. Perhaps, the idea of giving me a write-up also came after a warm cup of green tea at his office (smiles!). Words will fall short to describe him as a director, editor, motivator, and producer. It is needless to say that Rajiv Ruia is a self-made man!

Thank you Rajiv for all your time, I truly enjoyed every conversation with you as I never felt I am meeting a director but, a family friend.

Filmography by Rajiv Ruia as a Writer and Director:

  • Koi Hai – Suspense
  • Mission Mumbai – Action and Patriotic Movie
  • My Friend Ganesha 1, 2, 3 – Composite Animation Movie
  • Main Krishna Hoon – Animation Movie (Starring Juhi Chawla as a lead and Hrithik Roshan & Kartina Kaif in cameo roles)
  • Zindagi 50-50 – Social Movie (Rajiv was also one of the producers)
  • Direct Ishq – Drama
  • Saansein – Horror

Upcoming Projects:

  • Animation movie based on Lord Shiva (Title isn’t out yet)
  • My Friend Ganesha 4 – India’s First 4D Composite Animation Movie

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