Crescendo Music Managing Director – Suresh Thomas Speaks About His Rise & Fall

Suresh Thomas

Suresh Thomas

Crescendo Music Managing Director – Suresh Thomas Speaks About His Rise & Fall

Name: Suresh Thomas

Profession: MD for Crescendo Music, Director, and Producer

Artists launched by Suresh Thomas’s company:

  • Baba Sehgal
  • Anaida
  • Sunita Rao
  • Mika
  • Alisha Chinai and more…

Upcoming projects as a Producer, Director, and Story Writer:

  • I am Roshni, starring Ankita Parihaar and Yash Rajpara (Emotional Love Story)
  • Bindiya Chamkegi (Family Comedy)
  • Nightout (Teen Horror)

About Suresh Thomas:

Suresh Thomas is one of the prominent names in the music industry. He has been the former GM (General Manager) for Magna Sound. Suresh is one of the biggest contributors for the launch and success of prominent artists like, Baba Sehgal, Anaida, Alisha Chinai, and many such popular artists of today.

He was just 30 when he began his own business with the blessing of his loved ones and well-wishers. The company had staff strength of just 12 employees that slowly picked up great business in the market. He was also engaged with BMG, a German Company and played an important role in the brand promotions of names like, Kenny G and Aqua. He has been the lead jury of AAMA (Artist Aloud Music Awards), a step initiated in 2010 to feature independent artists and felicitate them in music fraternity.

Currently, he is producing and directing a few major commercial films on subjects never touched before!

Suresh Thomas’s Career Graph:

Suresh’s starting point of career graph was with NELCO Company. Later, he tied up his commitments with CBS gramophone records & tapes ltd. A few years later to his success, he joined hands with Magnasound India Pvt. Ltd as a GM, where he launched two successful businesses, Crescendo Music & Marketing (CMM) and Crescendo Promotion & Management.

The man who brought music to the audience and then gave it a face by launching some amazing stars whose music we cherish even today. I still remember some of the tracks that I was crazy for during my college times. Songs like ‘Made in India’ (by Alisha Chinai), ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja’ (by Baba Sehgal) and ‘Saavan Mein Lag Gayi Aag’ (by Mika Singh) were major hits!


‘Music industry was at its peak of success when a storm of web music slowly shattered it completely.’


With the increase of free music download sites on the web and mobile apps, music industry was completely crashed. There were hardly any companies who made profitable deals from CDs and cassettes. Suresh Thomas and his company uttered huge losses in music due to this downfall. He lost all money in his business but, never lost the hope to rise up again!


‘Every initial loss brings you closer to a new opportunity of profit.’
– ©Shruti Sharma


That’s exactly what Suresh Thomas believed in and continued to dream bigger. There was a time when he was completed saturated and didn’t know what to do. All he knew was not to give up and hold onto that patience…

Suresh Thomas launched his own YouTube channel. Presently, he is working on some major commercial movies by launching young and fresh talent. He has also been associated with Artist Aloud for more than 20 years now.


Suresh Thomas has an inclination towards story writing so that he can emotionally connect with the audience.


Family Background:

Suresh Thomas’s family consists of siblings all belonging to a literature background. It is one of this reasons why he was always fascinated in script writing. The story ‘I am Roshni’ is going to shake the audience for its unexpected subject.

Some of his favorite movies include, Disney’s Jungle Book, Independence Day, and Omen. All these movies have a strong impact in the minds of the audience that stays for long, irrespective of the genre.

Straight from the writer’s desk:

Suresh Thomas is one of those rare personalities, who turned down the saying; ‘Action speaks louder than words’; in fact, his words have always performed the best actions for him. When you will see the concept of his movies, you would know what I am talking about.

He is a very humble human being, who believes in true efforts, self-faith, and self-confidence. We (I and author, Bhairavi Sharma) met at Raheja’s café club and there he spoke about his rise and fall to us. I felt a sensation of positivity running through my veins when I interacted with Mr. Suresh Thomas.

Thank you for a wonderful evening brunch Mr. Thomas and I strongly believe that your movie will be a big hit as you believe in it! My best wishes are with you always.

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