Unknown Facts about Veteran Bollywood Actress Geeta Kapoor – Brutal Reality

Geeta Kapoor

Geeta Kapoor

Unknown Facts about Veteran Bollywood Actress Geeta Kapoor – Brutal Reality

Full Name: Geeta Kapoor

Profession: Bollywood Actress

 Age: 70

Nationality: Indian

About Geeta Kapoor:

Before you read further, I strongly recommend that you read this article for the sake of humanity and not because she is a popular personality of film fraternity. There are innumerable elder citizens in our country and outside, who are homeless, helpless, and hopeless just because their own creation from their womb abandoned them and let them suffer for no reason at all!

Bollywood actress Geeta Kapoor is suffering in the hospital and is in a dreadful state of mind. This senior citizen whom you are watching on number of news channels was once a gorgeous artist of film fraternity. A few major films in which she has given an important role include Pakeezah, Razia Sultan, and many such blockbusters.

Geeta Kapoorji has entertained the industry and her fans for a long time by her amazing acting skills. Gladly, there are few artists who gain immense popularity during their career and sadly, there are others who are only noticed when something brutal or unfortunate happens in their life. Unfortunately, Geeta Kapoor fell into the latter category. This article is not about her achievements or to let you know about her past glory; it is an attempt to put some light and self-realization to all those who think parents are nothing except a burden in their life.

I feel shattered to write about artists like Bollywood actress Geeta Kapoor, who are let to suffer and live in dismay by her children. All she needs is some love, appreciation, respect, and care at this difficult stage of life.


“My children used to lock me up for days and make me starve so that I am compelled to take the decision to go to a retirement home.”


A Lamenting Meet with Geeta Kapoor:

I am thankful to IAWA team and the president of IAWA (Innovative Artist Welfare Association), Daljeet Kaur for making it possible for me to see her in person. When I met her, I was completely teary and in a state of shock! I didn’t know how to react as she just kept on saying to take her out of this dilemma. I am fortunate to be a part of this industry, where people come ahead and help each other in times of need. On one side, if there are in-humans who let their parents suffer, there are also humans like Ashok Pandit, Ramesh Taurani, and Daljeet Kaur, who come ahead and take initiative to do something for such elder and senior artists of our nation.


Remember, today you are bold, but one day even you will be old!


Imagine the situation of a mother who struggled in her life to raise her children by acting days and nights. Her kids grow up and suddenly, decide to chuck her out of her own house. Regrettably, every 3 out of 10 houses in India face this scenario where parents are a piece of junk for their children and they find it embarrassing to keep them at home. It’s a sad and brutal reality!

Enough spoken about the old age helplessness; let me help you and take you to the flashback of your childhood for some moments. I am sure it would be equally embarrassing for the parents to see their kids shitting and urinating in parties and they have to excuse themselves for cleaning them up. Many a times, we have spoiled their meals and called for their attention in our tender stage of life. Our parents have always been there for us, because they knew that we were helpless at that stage. Nevertheless, they were also prepared to accept that their kids will grow up one day and will get busy in their successful careers.


Whatever we are today is the blessing of our parents and well-wishers.


Please take few seconds to notice your father and mother murmuring something in silence. Perhaps, they are praying for your well-being. I believe Bollywood actress Geeta Kapoor did the same and it is due to this reason her son became a successful choreographer and daughter an air hostess. They both are not maintaining any contact with any of their friends or relatives, but their mother misses them every moment and hopes that her son is waiting downstairs to take her back home.


This gorgeous and brave actress seeks nothing but, a hope to live and a smile to give.


Have we become this heartless to make our parents happy in return to all those weird, naughty, and funny faces that they attempted to make us smile when we were little? I appeal every member of the film fraternity to please come ahead and do something about such true artists irrespective of their personal family issues.

I also request every reader of this article to please pray for Geeta Kapoor’s well-being and pray for all such elder citizens who need nothing but some warmth of love. My soul was broken to see her loosing hopes but, it also felt a sense of ease when I wiped Geetaji’s tears and told her I will come very soon to see her often even if she shifts to a retirement home.

It’s not just about Geeta Kapoorji, it’s about all those little children of orphanage and all those elder citizens who are abandoned by their families. I have been to an old age home today and the hopes that I see in the eyes of all these left out family members will break you into pieces. They desire nothing but, just few words of love. Please respect your parents and value your existence through them. It was sad to know when one of the caretakers of the old age home told me that most people leave their parents here as they CAN’T AFFORD to take care of them financially. Our parents do not need our finance, they need our time!


You exist because your parents resist…


I hope that this world brings back love and light on all those parents who are suffering and struggling to raise their children. If you could be happy about the presence of your parents around, you have already proven to be HUMAN.

Let’s hope and pray that Bollywood actress Geeta Kapoor’s family members read this article and return to her ASAP before the Karma hits them back.

Please share this article and pray to god for our parents’ good health and our sanity.
My love and light to all.

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