Geeta Kapur

An Evening Conversation over coffee with an adept choreographer – Geeta Kapur (aka Geeta Ma)

‘Dance like no one is watching you’; I realized the true definition of this quote after meeting this charming and smiling Bollywood choreographer. You are bound to fall in love with the persona of this amazing ‘reality show’ judge. In my recent meet with her, she has gifted to me abundance of maturity, sensibility, and […]

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Raj Jatania

Meet Gujarat’s Superstar and a Brilliant Actor – Raj Jatania

From a Dancer to a Successful Actor – Meet the Gujarati Superstar, Raj Jatania Raj has not only been a kind human, but also a very jovial person to deal with. Raj began his entertainment career from reality dance shows on TV and has now become a chocolate hero for Gujarati cinema lovers. He has […]

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Jai Kumar Nair

Jai Kumar Nair, an inspiring dancer, choreographer, motivational speaker and a hidden singer

A Dancer, Choreographer, Motivational Speaker, And a Hidden Singer – Jai Kumar Nair is an inspiring actor Jai Kumar Nair will sway you off your feet from his highly spirited attitude as he has everything about stardom. My recent conversation with him amazed me at the way he is passionate about his career in dance, […]

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