A quick chat with Choti Sarrdaarni fame Krishna Soni

About Krishna Soni:

It is not very recent that I met Krishna Soni at Starbucks, Andheri. Yet, the memories are fresh and lively! Thanks to his positive aura and cheerful personality that didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time. Krishna carries a humble attitude throughout the conversation. His spontaneity in communication allows the other person to be attentive all the time.  It was an amazing and unforgettable rendezvous with Television actor Krishna Soni.

Krishna Soni is a well-recognized television artist who continues entertaining us with his charming personality and acting skills.

You may have seen Krishna more often in Choti Sarrdaarni (Colors). The other popular shows where he has graced his presence include Mata Ki Chowki, CID, Yeh Vaada Raha, Meri Saasu Maa, and more…  Krishna hails from a Gujarati family and was born and raised in Mumbai. Other than being an actor, Krishna’s journey also includes jewelry designing and entrepreneurship.

Let’s get to know more about him through this exclusive quick question-and-answer round…

Krishna Soni in conversation with Shruti Sharma:

Starbucks, Infinity
Shruti Sharma: Krishna, what inspires you to continue to act?

Krishna Soni: Shruti, I haven’t reached the place and position in acting that I desire. The roles I wish to do are yet to be played and that is what inspires me to continue to act. (Answers in humor, “Ke jab tak todega nahin tab tak chodega nahin…”)

Shruti Sharma: How supportive was your family of your decision to pursue acting as a career?

Krishna Soni: Initially, I had total support. Unhe laga ki bahaut bada hero banega… Abhi tak meri koshish chalu hai… But, now they stopped supporting me (laughs…), and now they are confused if I would be a big star.

Shruti Sharma: What is your biggest turn-offs in people?

Krishna Soni: Fake people, liars, and people who brag a lot about self/things.

Shruti Sharma: What qualities do you look for in people that make you connected to them?

Krishna Soni: I love people who have humor in them; I prefer and respect those who are truthful, honest, and sincere toward others. In short, masti, mazaak, and sincere log.

Shruti Sharma: Krishna, where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Krishna Soni: I shall be 50 after 10 years and hope to become a well-known actor in 10 years. Presently, I feel I am young inexperience as an actor. I wish to earn well and make a big house of my own in Mumbai. I wish to turn 50 in my own bigger house.

Shruti Sharma: What genre of acting do you prefer? Comedy, Action, Negative, or Romance?

Krishna Soni: Shruti, as an actor I just love to act however; all the genres are my personal favorites and I would love to try my acting skills in all.

Shruti Sharma: Any message you would like to leave for your fans and viewers?

Krishna Soni: What more can I say except ask people to be happy? Khush rahiye, swast rahiye, aur apna kaam ache se kariye. Take good care of your family and continue to shower your blessings, love, and support on me always.

From the writer’s desk:

Krishna, I feel blessed to have met you for two reasons; one is to experience a real and humble artist in you and another is a good friend in you. As I have observed in our meeting you are loaded with charm, energy, and surprises which will take you to your goals much sooner in life.  I pass my best wishes to you for your career and also for a new bigger house of your own.

Love and Light.

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