A Delightful Meet with the Heartthrob of Television Cinema – Karan Mehra aka Naitik Singhania

Karan Mehra


A Delightful Meet with the Heartthrob of Television Cinema – Karan Mehra aka Naitik Singhania


Full Name: Karan Mehra

Profession: Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, and Stylist

Place of Residence: Mumbai

Nationality: Indian

Date of Birth: 10th September

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

About Karan Mehra:

Karan Mehra aka Naitik Singhania of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a popular face of Indian Television Cinema. My meet with him was one of the best meets ever! Karan has been raised in Delhi. His father is into a construction business and mother is a housewife. Karan always wanted to enter in the world of glamour. He was too young to decide a specific career for him, but whenever he looked at the models on his TV screen, he used to get lured by them.


Karan Mehra is one of the highly educated actors in Television industry.


Karan was very young when he decided to be a model. Well, we often have this misconception about models leaving their academics to pursue their goals. To share a fact, Karan was a topper of his class and brilliant in his academic life. He has completed various coursers in graphic designing, BCA, 2D animation, and various other fashion designing courses. Karan has also attained a 3 years course with NIFT – FDIT.

His sharp and neat drawing skills diverted his mind to enter fashion designing. He was doing many things at a time. In one of his projects, he built a few clothes from foam sheets and that won him the ‘Most Creative Collection Award’ by NIFT. With so many dreams in his eyes and many activities to do, Karan was occupied from 7 AM to 9 PM.


Karan was one of the finalists for Mr. Noida which became a stepping stone in his career.


Despite the talent and skills, Karan never dreamt that he would make it up to this level of fame. But, everyone else around him believed in him more than he did. He came to Mumbai in 2004 and joined Kishore Namit Kapoor’s acting course for 3 months. Karan belonged to a well to-do middle class family. He never took financial support from his father to pursue his goals.


Karan Mehra worked as a trainee in Dominoes and was known to cut finest slices of pizzas.


Karan worked for Dominoes to earn his living and survival in Mumbai. For almost four years he struggled and joined the production team and performed different sorts of work from an Assistant Director to a stylist.



Karan met his dream girl Nisha on the set of Hanste Hanste.


If you believe in fairy tales, I am sure Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s love life will give hopes to millions of people out there who dream of fairy tale love. When Karan saw Nisha on Sonu Nigam’s video album, Chanda Ki Doli, he always dreamt of having a girl like her in his life. It was unbelievable for Karan to accept the fact that the same girl became his wife in his real life.

Karan is one of those rare men who kept his heart safe for someone deserving. Nisha is his first girlfriend who became his wife and now, will soon be a mother of his child. They both look stunning as a couple together.

My meet with Karan Mehra:


We met him at his residence in Goregaon. His house is just a dream place for any couple to live a comfortable lifestyle. The entire interiors are beautifully done, selected, and personally taken care of by both of them. Majority of the corners are wood crafted and they have a huge dining area. All the while, I had heard about Nisha as a Barbie doll and I was glad to see her in person. It is doubtless that she looks like a living Barbie doll.

Karan has a charming aura and very positive personality. His calm forehead speaks out his peaceful mind. It is not difficult to believe that he has never faced any challenging or difficult people at work. Areas like Noida and Delhi have unfortunately gone down in the impression of grooms. After meeting Karan, he has changed my misconception about Delhi and Noida boys. He is well behaved and very decent to interact with.

The How, What, When, and Why with Karan Mehra:



Shruti Sharma: Karan, being a stylist yourself how comfortable are you in the costumes provided by other designers? Have you ever raised your opinions about the costumes?

Karan Mehra: All throughout my work, especially with Yeh Rishta… I have always remained grounded and humble. I guess I never found any discomfort in any of the costumes so far.

Shruti Sharma: How has the entertainment industry treated you?

Karan Mehra: To be honest Shruti, I was so engrossed in my own goals and challenges of my own, that I never concentrated on the industry politics. I used to sit inside my vanity, wait for my scene, complete the shoot and return home. Even with my closest co-stars, it was always a Hi and Hello with them other than the shoot.

Shruti Sharma: Do you believe that an actor should only marry an actress in order to match the professional understanding?

Karan Mehra: Not really Shruti, fortunately, it clicked with Nisha and so I have a happy life with her. I have seen and met many people who have married out of their profession and they are living a happy married life too.

Shruti Sharma: What is love according to you? Is it a waste of time, money, and energy or a blessing of god?

Karan Mehra: Well, according to me love is Nisha! Without her support, I don’t think anything would have worked for me in my life. I very strongly remember when I saw her in Sonu Nigam’s album I spoke to my heart; “Bhagwan kare, aisi ladki mujhe mil jaye.” I cherish her presence in my life. Love is extremely important to me.

I am not a kind of a man who runs out from the family and excuses his struggles with his family’s betterment. If you can’t give time to your loved ones, money doesn’t make any difference. If I have to sacrifice my career for Nisha, I will lovingly do that. Daily soap is a very stressful job, and it takes a toll on the personal life. It is one of this reasons why I took a break when Nisha became pregnant. I want to give her as much of time as I could.

Shruti Sharma: Television or films, what do you prefer?

Karan Mehra: I always wanted to be a Bollywood actor. Let’s see what destiny has in store for me.

Shruti Sharma: How do you handle industry’s sarcasm? Does it affect you?

Karan Mehra: I don’t let people affect me at all. Honestly, I don’t wish to waste my energies on such people and so, I stay away from them.

Shruti Sharma: What are your current projects?

Karan Mehra: Currently, I have completed Khatmal E Ishq Season 3 with Sab TV. It’s comedy soap and the audience has really appreciated it.

Shruti Sharma: What is your mantra to get back in action after depression?

Karan Mehra: I have never been depressed, only tired. When I am tired, I sit and plan for the future.

Shruti Sharma: What movies are close to your heart? Is there any movie that you feel you should have acted in?

Karan Mehra: I love Aamir Khan Movies and would love to do meaningful movies with a message to the audience. I would also love to do something innovative and creative like you are doing for your website.

Shruti Sharma: Based on your experience in the industry, please share 3 most important tips for your fans to follow.

Karan Mehra:

Believe in the thing that you want to do.

Be careful and alert of things around you.

Be true to yourself.

Straight from the writer’s desk:


I would like to begin with a big note of thank you for the young and handsome Karan as well as Nisha for their time. It was lovely to spend every moment with them. His charm and positive personality brought back my innocence towards life. His face may look very innocent and boyish to you, but he carries immense maturity that speaks from his words. I wish Nisha and Karan all the best for their future life and hope to meet them soon again in near future. Thank you again for the lovely hospitality and for your time.


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