The Bold, Beautiful, and Brainy Actress Amanpreet Karnawal!

When the meeting of minds happens, nothing can stop two women from limitless conversation! That’s the feeling I share with the amazing actress and model Amanpreet Karnawal. She has everything you would look for in a rising star. With the blessings of her parents and the support of well-wishers, she is all set to raise her stardom. Let’s get to know about her personal and professional life…

About Amanpreet Karnawal:

Amanpreet Karnawal is a model and actress by profession. Her other interests include gym, yoga, music, reading, and sports. She aspires to get into acting and her major focus is in web series, web films, and movies. Thus, she spends most of her time enhancing her acting skills, keeping fit, and practicing scripts.

Amanpreet didn’t know where to begin as there was no one from the industry to guide her. But, with her inner confidence and her parents’ prayers, she started participating in various beauty pageants (at the State level) including Miss PTC Punjabi (2011). She also won the title of Miss Delhi (2009).

Amanpreet Karnawal’s Family Background:

Amanpreet Karnawal belongs to a Punjabi family. It was her father who encouraged her to get into acting, however; Amanpreet was concerned about her comparison with other fair actresses. She was unsure of whether acting was meant for her profession. However, Amanpreet’s parents encouraged her to get into shape and think about modeling as they believed in her.

She feels blessed for the support she received from her family. Amanpreet’s family consists of sports professionals and army. Infact, she also used to play volleyball. Sports gave her height, physical strength, and tan skin that others would die for.

Let’s understand more about her life and lifestyle through this quick question-answer round…

In conversation with Amanpreet Karnawal:

Shruti Sharma: Is there a specific goal or role you wish to achieve?

Amanpreet Karnawal: I just want to be an actress; I would never want to be called a celebrity but, an able actress. My only desire is that people must recognize me for my work and not through my clothes or bag or whatever.

Shruti Sharma: Do you have any specific genre you wish to act in?

Amanpreet Karnawal: I don’t mind experimenting with any type of role as that is the true purpose of an actor, however; I would love to try a script based on a psychological thriller. It is one of my personal favorites! If you consider a few examples, I would personally love to act in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster. Other than these, I have also loved Rekhaji’s performances in Umraojaan and Khubsoorat. She has beautifully played her roles in two different genres so effortlessly.

Shruti Sharma: How do you keep yourself busy?

Amanpreet Karnawal: To be busy is all about being productive to me. I plan my next day’s activities the night before. My day begins with meditation & yoga followed by another workout session at the gym. I love to cook so I prepare my breakfast. Some days are all about being on the set and some days are all about reading, tea, and indulging in sports activities.

Shruti Sharma: What do you dislike in people the most?

Amanpreet Karnawal:  I strongly believe in the quote, “The care, therefore, of every man’s soul belongs unto himself.” People who do not practice cleanliness and hygiene outside are also the dull people inside that I do not sync with.

Shruti Sharma: Where do you see yourself 15 years from now?

Amanpreet Karnawal: On the sets! (smiles confidently). I would love to continue acting and see some shades of my reel life in real life as well.

Shruti Sharma: What qualities do you look for in people before building a connection with them?

Amanpreet Karnawal: I connect with people who realize the real meaning of humanity. Let me explain, people who are positive, compassionate, and polite are the ones I connect my vibes with. Such people spread peace and calmness around.

Shruti Sharma: Describe yourself in one sentence…

Amanpreet Karnawal: I am as hot as fire and as serene as water.

Message by Amanpreet Karnawal for the audience:

“Learn to embrace struggle and rekindle hope; those who do it, they create success and glory.”

From the writer’s desk:

I am swayed by her beliefs, confidence, and smile. I would also like to pay my deep respect to Amanpreet’s parents for bringing out the best in her with their love, care, and support. Amanpreet has a beautiful presence and an attentive attitude. She listens to everyone very attentively and that is what is required to be a good actor too. My meeting with her was a memorable one and I look forward to many more chats over coffee like these. I pass my love, blessings, and best wishes to Amanpreet for a successful career.

Love and Light to my lovely audience.

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