An article dedicated to Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, a name that has it all!

A great human, an impeccable woman, a well-deserving Miss World (2000 pageant), a noted philanthropist, a movie producer, a versatile actor, a singer, but what is her USP?

The world is full of beauties with brains who, if given a chance, can win multiple crowns of popularity. There are hundreds of better dancers and singers than her, some established and some still in struggling phase. The other talented population’s potential is exposed on various internet and media channels via talent shows and stuff.

Movie industry throughout the world is stacked with some extraordinary entertainers who flawlessly flaunt their versatility on screen. And so, she may not be addressed as the best female-actor in the world. This brings us back to the question of her USP!

Priyanka also stands as a movie producer. Well, there are many renowned production houses that are solely run by female entrepreneurs. So, this again does not differentiate her from the rest in the industry.

The question is what is her USP, if not all the above, that promotes her as a unique personality…


No matter how simple the answer seems, it sure does include a rigorous and continuous fight with self-weaknesses to defeat your inner fear and reach the dream destination.

Priyanka Chopra is a fear-conqueror. Every new deal puts her in a state of fear. Every new phase in her career makes her heart pound even faster, but this is where she has to take up chances. She ensures she never misses a single opportunity to proceed beyond fear. It doesn’t matter whether or not the results are satisfactory, but the fact that she attempted gives her immense gratification and pushes her forward to the next level.

Yes, to some she is a destiny’s child; super-blessed by the gods and goddesses, if that excuses them with some breathing space. However, good time in destiny does not last forever. Hard work, perseverance and confidence help sustaining it a little longer. One must try all three to understand how destiny plays games.

It is only when you have mastered your intuition, you can reach up a level she is at right now!

Priyanka is a master of SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). She knows her strengths and merges those with the opportunities available to her. She exceeds her limitation by experimenting new things in life, be it career or personal. And this calls for another USP in her kitty!


She is a goal-changer. She knows when to switch to another field of success upon reaching one goal. Hence you see her indulged in so many activities. Her professional qualification demands multi-tasking and she proves herself to be one.

So, aren’t these USPs enough for her to get what she has in her life!

If a simple girl from a middle-class family living in a small town can get her name added to the list of most inspiring women in the world, what’s your excuse?

It is true she has a stronger support system – her family! You too can find one! Time has always been harsh to every woman at some point, be it any personality too. It does not demand another Priyanka Chopra out of you, but that hidden real woman of substance is surely what it craves for. There are few things that are not written in your destiny, but there are few other things too that you never try and then regret. You don’t have to be famous to prove your point. Just ensure that you are heard no matter where and who you are.

Use your right to choose your career, mingle with a better support system, make a goal and develop an unquenchable thirst for it. There’s nothing that can stop you from becoming what you’ve always wanted to. After all, your choice is all what matters!

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