Are these 5 Movies on Your Agenda for a Perfect Christmas Celebration?

Christmas celebrations are nearing and winter has started! It is time for those yummy hot chocolate sessions and Christmas movie nights for perfect Christmas celebrations. The popping sounds of popcorn go well with the ringing bells on the screen. Along with a few Christmas classics, there is a list of movies that are worth watching with family for a perfect Christmas week.

I know our list of Christmas movies may not be the same but, I would love to know what you have in your kitty this Christmas! Here is a list of what I am sharing and what I enjoy watching the most with my family during Christmas vacations

  1. The Knight Before Christmas:

As the name depicts, The Knight Before Christmas gives you a beautiful Christmas vibe throughout. The entire movie rotates about a lost Knight from the medieval era who happens to meet a modern-day girl in the present era. What happens between them is the magic worth watching with family with full Christmas spirit!

Cast: Vanessa Hudgens · Brooke ; Josh Whitehouse · Sir Cole
  1. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish:

The movie gives you a perfect blend of the original Cinderella classic with fresh Christmas festivities in the story. The cast is cute and will keep you glued to the screen as they look wonderful as a pair. Indeed! A perfect Christmas treat for the entire family!

Cast: Laura Marano · Kat Decker ; Gregg Sulkin · Dominic Wintergarden
  1. Christmas Under Wraps:

One of my personal favorites! The movie takes you to the Christmas celebrations from a huge city to a small town in Alaska. The life of a doctor changes as soon as she reaches the small town of Alaska and realizes the importance of Christmas in its true sense. Spoiler Alert: She also happens to find someone special in the town.

Cast: Candace Cameron Bure · Dr. Lauren Brunell ; David O’Donnell
  1. The Holiday Calendar:

The Holiday Calendar has magic, romance, family time, and of course Christmas! Unlike some Christmas movies that brag about Christmas in the trailer and fool us with hardly any Christmas scenes in the movie, this movie revolves around Christmas sceneries throughout and will leave you with exciting Christmas vibes.

Cast: Kat Graham · Abby Sutton ; Quincy Brown · Josh Barton
  1. Just Another Christmas:

Just Another Christmas is the story of a family man who hates the idea of Christmas celebrations or longer holidays. He is stuck in a time loop that helps him understand the most valuable lessons of life.

Cast: Arianne Botelho · Aninha ; Kevin Andrew Rivera · Luiz Claudio

On that note, I leave you with fresh and memorable Christmas memories. Make the most with your family. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all!

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