About The Site

About My Site

Welcome to my world of entertainment and infotainment right on your little screen! Unlike the other websites loaded with biased comments and gossips from the entertainment world, this website was launched with the desire to maintain dignity and love in the hearts of fans for their dear celebs. With the intention to interview celebrities at a professional front; my site gives you insight into the kind of individuals they are from their reel to real life.

Enough of crap has been spoken about their body language, behavior, costume malfunction, embarrassing moments, and personal life; let’s accept, they are humans too and they are there to bear all the embarrassment just to bring some smiles in our lives.

As an interviewer and a writer, I have dined with them, conversed with them, interacted with them and I can tell you this, ‘Their fans are their lifeline; they keep them alive.’ 

Get the real picture of your favorite stars as well as rising talent in the industry, and share your experience of reading about them.