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Hello My Lovely Readers!

I am a writer, producer, blogger, foodie, traveler, explorer, shopaholic, and spiritual, well that’s me! I’m a family-bound person and share a very strong bonding with my sisters. I love to write about movies, celebs, television soaps, and music.

‘Writing is not my passion; it is rather an antidote to me that gives mental peace and satisfaction.’

Right from the time I was a little girl, I used to pen down poems and thoughts in my slam book. I always had a thirst to understand all theoretical subjects that I came across in my academic background. A dedicated daughter, caring sister, devoted human, and a full-time parent, that’s me! I completed my post-graduation in Management (M.COM) and I have been writing restlessly for some years now. A few key subjects covered by me are; Health and Fitness, Fashion and Clothing, Bollywood and Entertainment, Real Estate and Finance, Gadgets and Technology, Marketing and SEO, Love and Relationship, Sports and Entertainment, Blog Writing, Articles, Inspirational and Fictional Stories, and more…

The idea behind Celebrity Talks & Guardians of Harmony:

Unlike other media and paparazzi that find excuses to humiliate the stars from our reputable entertainment industry, my intention of interviewing them is to understand their struggles, pain, and bring back the respect by adding grandeur in their lives.

“I love writing notes and so does music!”

The idea of exploring this hidden segment of music came from my father Pt. Surendra Sharma (The Santoorist). Since he has dedicated his entire life to the music industry ever since he was three, he provoked me to write about reputed personalities from the music fraternity, especially about the ones whose names and efforts went unnoticed for years.

I’ve personally approached all the senior and the future ‘guardians’ from the Indian Music and Film Industry and tried my best to bring to you the interviews taken, so you all know who were and are the real gems behind the scenes. A few of them have dedicated their lives to the industry and still worship music as their holy deity. While writing their interviews, for the first time I felt mixed emotions running down my spine as this step introduced me to the struggles they have been through and the practice they have offered to mesmerize the audience.

I thank my father to have stimulated this idea within me, and hope you all enjoy the writings and the exclusive interviews of the maestros, who created a trend in the entertainment world. These celebs are the guardians of harmony; the ever shining stars of entertainment and will remain forever…

Thank You and have a musical journey of life!




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