5 Believable Reasons Why Bollywood is Insecure of Outsiders?

If Struggle and Success are the first and final pages of everyone’s life; isn’t the journey the same for all? The Bollywood industry has always survived on one major element which is ENTERTAINMENT. The audience hasn’t changed a bit despite the years and they still crave the same. However, the methods and process of delivering content to the audience have changed.

Nepotism has been a controversial subject in recent times of Bollywood. Despite the blame game on Bollywood and all the power that Nepo kids have to be in the starlight of the Bollywood space, why is insecurity still lurking around them all the time? One reason could be that the outsiders fear no failure and crave no stardom. They know they have to perform the best and deliver excellent content to compete with the powerful in-house team.

The question is, Should Bollywood be Insecure of Outsiders? If the decision-making of the movie to be a hit or a flop still lies in the results of the audience poll, then why is our entertainment industry so insecure most of the time?

Here are 5 major reasons why Bollywood is insecure of outsiders:

  1. They are more confident:

It is pretty obvious that outsiders have other pressures comparatively. They know that it is a do-or-die situation for them in the industry. The outsider artists do not have a godfather to help them with their fear and failures. Thus, they bring a lot of confidence to deliver the best to the audience resulting in insecurity for the insiders!

2. Sensible script and content:

Well, there is always a choice to make just like how the coin is tossed in Cricket to know who goes for batting first. Similarly, one side of the coin depicts rosy scripts, romantic sceneries, and plush lifestyles shown in most Nepo movies. The other side of the coin needs to have a good script, sensible content, and a strong social message. You may have observed it in most movies of outsiders… Call it a blessing in disguise, but that is one reason to be insecure about it despite spending crores in movie making.

3. Understand the audience better:

Being an outsider and a part of the audience once, these artists can relate to the sentiments, emotions, tastes, and preferences better. Thus, there is always a connection between the audience and the outsider Bollywood artists. Most of their movies are critically acclaimed and well-recognized by the audience. This doesn’t look like good news to the inside community of Bollywood.

4. Less pressure from the background:

Unlike other Star Kids, outsiders have less pressure from their profession. As we discussed, they may have other pressures except the one of continuing the legacy of their family background. The other way to look at this comparison is that the inside Bollywood finds it insecure to face the competition with the outsider as well as self. Let’s not forget, they are also competing with their family members who have been a part of the industry for over a decade.

5. Fearless attitude:

Do the outsiders have a choice? The fact that they don’t have to lose anything to reputation or face any type of comparison, they need to enter with a fearless attitude. It’s like proving your worth with your guts!

The game of Bollywood has changed from Entertainment to Sustainment. However, let’s look at the bright side; some insiders and outsiders have supported each other resulting in great films! At the end of the day what matters is ‘The One who Entertains Sustains’.

Those who understand this are true Entertainers and those who fail to understand it will sadly sulk and disappear in the dark shades of Glamor…

For now, we can only observe how our Bollywood Entertainment Industry can strengthen its bond with each other to make the audience happy at the end of the day!

Love and Light to All

Shruti Sharma

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