An Interesting Meet with a Rising Director of Phullu – Abhishek Saxena

Abhishek Saxena



An Interesting Meet with a Rising Director of Phullu – Abhishek Saxena 


Full Name: Abhishek Saxena

Profession: Bollywood Director

Movies: Phullu (Bollywood), London Dreamz (Punjabi)

Nationality: Indian

Place of Residence: Mumbai, Maharashtra

About Abhishek Saxena:




Director Abhishek Saxena is an emerging name in the Bollywood film fraternity. With the trailer launch of his upcoming movie Phullu, Abhishek’s name is gaining great popularity. It is only because of the strong concept and a bold step that he has taken to spread a social message through his movie.

The movie Phullu is a perfect recipe of humor, sarcasm, awareness, and society all compiled in one to give you a bitter and real taste of social issues. The topic of menstruation has always remained a taboo for open discussion. Surprisingly, most schools give sex education to children, but not much is spoken about making the young girls aware of menstruation and the hygiene related matters.


People are okay to discuss about sex, porn, and intimacy in public, but none dare to share about periods!


Abhishek Saxena is one man who picked this long awaited issue in the society and gave it some light. It is blessing to know that some men are fighting for the rights of women, whereas most women are still living under a fake and superstitious belief related to menstruation.


The Journey of Abhishek Saxena as a Director:


Director Abhishek Saxena has come a long and hard way in his career. This is just the beginning and I must say what a beginning!

His first feature film was a Punjabi regional flick, Patiala Dreamz and then he directly shifted to a powerful concept of Phullu. Phullu is not about drama, film, or acting; it is an appeal to the Government to do something about these outdated beliefs and rumors about menses.

What Inspired Director Abhishek Saxena to Make Phullu?


His own experience and incidents in personal life with women he loves in forms of mother, siblings, and friends inspired him to make Phullu. He strongly remembers when he was a child, his parents use to change the channel or switch off the TV whenever there was an ad played on sanitary pads. It came as confusion to him whether periods are normal or a disease hidden from men. Ever since, Abhishek wanted to create awareness that menses is a normal thing and women must not be suppressed, kept quiet, or given excuses to buy pads for their hygiene. My wife is another reason behind this encouragement.




A period is Normal – Dare to Share!


What is Your Aim behind Phullu?


Shruti, when I shared the concept and script of Phullu, I faced a huge number of rejections from people who were not even bothered to reply to my mail. Sadly, despite the freedom there was no freedom of speech and people considered me silly to even think of something like this.

Instead of feeling demotivated, I took it as a challenge and kept my trials on. Finally, Phullu got approved by a number of producers and I could complete it with the support of my team. Through Phullu, my main aim is to plead the Government to get rid of GST / Taxes from sanitary pads. The objective of the movie is to improve the hygiene and health conditions of rural women by introducing affordable pads and making them aware of sanitary napkins.

When I released the trailer, I assumed that there will be a bonfire of accusations and comments thrown at us. Surprisingly, the trailer of movie Phullu has received a massive response and great reviews by people. Thousands of them are waiting for the release of the movie eagerly, which is good news to us.

My Meet with the Director Abhishek Saxena:

First movie in Bollywood and a unique concept like Phullu; I am highly impressed by the director Abhishek Saxena for his amazing thought process. To share a fact, after Phullu, many big commercial movies are in the process of completion similar to this one. This in itself is a great achievement for Abhishek.

He doesn’t carry those typical looks of a director; he is a very humble personality and talks to you in a simple manner. Abhishek’s eyes are full of passion and fire to bring more unique concepts like Phullu.

Despite being a woman and a feminist, for the first time I am proud of a man who has thought of something like this. The movie is an attempt to bring down those outdated beliefs of untouchability during periods. I strongly urge the people to watch the trailer and unite for this social cause of menstruation awareness.

I strongly believe that Phullu should be played at all rural as well as urban schools, colleges and institutions. It will help to make people aware that a woman can touch things and roam anywhere during menstruation days.

Thank you Abhishek Saxena and the entire team of Phullu for placing the first stone in the bridge of social task.

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews coming from the star cast of Phullu.
Love and light to all.


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