A Meet with the Bold and Beautiful Actress Jyoti Sethi

Jyoti Sethi

A Meet with the Bold and Beautiful Actress Jyoti Sethi


Full Name: Jyoti Sethi

Profession: Bollywood Actress

Date of Birth:  12th February

Zodiac Sign: Aquarian

Place of Residence: Mumbai

About Actress Jyoti Sethi:

Jyoti is a rising star, who has already given brilliant performances in movies like Phullu on social causes. Prior to acting in films, she has acted in various commercials such as Utsav Fashion, Pepsodent, Tata Sky, and more. Actress Jyoti Sethi was very young when her father passed away in 1996. She is raised by a single parent.


The young and talented actress started her acting career with Telugu Cinema.


At a tender stage of life Jyoti decided that she wishes to be an actress; however she did not know how to go about it. She began working for a couple of companies in New Zealand at a managerial level and then shifted to print shoots.

Jyoti gives the credit to the prominent Punjabi star, Gippy Grewal with whom she did a single video track. After the music video, she also did other successful projects like a short film with Ammy Virk.


“My Mother is My Daughter and I Have Raised Her like one.” Jyoti Sethi



Popular Movies by Actress Jyoti Sethi:
  • Where is Vidya Balan? – Telugu regional film directed by Srinivas Raga
  • Missing on a Weekend – Hind feature film directed by Abhishek Jawkar
  • Happy Birthday – Telugu feature film directed by Veera Reddy
  • Phullu – Hindi feature film directed by Abhishek Saxena
  • DNA Mein Gandhiji – Hindi feature film directed by Sandeep Nath (upcoming)


Jyoti Sethi loves to speak in Hindi than in English and strongly believes in her National Language.


My Meet with Jyoti Sethi:



Another woman in my list of interviews! Indeed, it was an excellent meet with a powerful lady like Jyoti Sethi. The reason why I used bold and beautiful in the title is because Jyoti has so far chosen bold social issues for her acting roles and beauty is inborn to her. She shared how excited she was to do a film like Phullu; it brought the hidden revolutionary emotions out of her.

Jyoti’s own experiences of life taught her to be a fighter and it is one of this reasons why she is a fast emerging actress today. She not only carries herself well, but her inner confidence is commendable and can be inspiring for many other women. Jyoti’s simplicity of thoughts takes you to new level of dreams. I am very happy to say that she is the second woman in my list of interviews. Perhaps, good things always take time to arrive and I am glad it arrived in the form of Jyoti Sethi.

What, Why, When, and How with Jyoti Sethi:


Shruti Sharma: What inspired you to do a movie like Phullu?

Jyoti Sethi: Phullu is close to my personal experiences of life. Being a woman, I go through the same pain and wanted to create awareness on menstruation to all those women who lack education. Gladly, there are many women like Divya Dutta who think alike and came ahead to support social causes like these.

Shruti Sharma: Why do you prefer to speak in Hindi as your English is commendable too?

Jyoti Sethi: Simple, because I am an Indian. I love to speak in my national language and feel no embarrassment in doing so. There are many who try to speak in their regional or national languages but, sadly some people assume and relate their education level with the language spoken. Hindi language gives me respect and I enjoy speaking in Hindi.

Shruti Sharma: You said you are inspired to do a movie like Phullu based on your own experiences, can you share a few?

Jyoti Sethi: Of course, yes! I still remember how I was suppressed not to disclose about my periods to any man whenever I was in one. My mother believed that sanitary pads contain a liquid that is harmful to health. I was forced to use a cloth despite belonging to a well to-do family. These things irritated me always. I am glad I am a part of this awareness.

Shruti Sharma: You have acted in brilliant concepts till date, would you be interested in doing a negative role too?

Jyoti Sethi: Yes! I would love to do a negative role. It has more scope. In fact, a negative performance that is close to my heart is played by Priyanka Chopra in the movie, Aitraaz.

Shruti Sharma: What was the most challenging period of your life so far?

Jyoti Sethi: Acting in a Telugu cinema. I don’t know their language, I am unable to express my emotions in their movies due to lack of understanding. I am glad people saw the struggle behind the scenes and appreciated my work in the films. On the other side, there is a comparison factor which happens in every religion. I faced a similar discouraging factor as I do not have a Telugu industry background.

Shruti Sharma: Most people face some sort of exploitation when they are newbies. Have you ever been exploited in any manner by the film industry?

Jyoti Sethi: It happens, but since I have already seen the same happening in corporates, I was prepared to be smart here. I can read a person’s intentions by his body language. Shruti, it’s as simple as that, until you show your desperation to achieve anything, people won’t take advantage of you.

Shruti Sharma: What was your first audition and how did it go?

Jyoti Sethi: My first audition was with Aashirwaad Atta. I was super nervous at the time of audition. I got success for Utsav Fashion in a Tamilian dress.

Shruti Sharma: We all remember our first paycheck and cherish this achievement throughout our lives; do you remember your first paycheck?

Jyoti Sethi: Yes, but I wasn’t paid to be honest (laughs). In fact, I paid for my air tickets to travel all the way for my first shoot.

Shruti Sharma: Do you like to do TV soaps?

Jyoti Sethi: I will stick to movies instead of TV as of now. I believe I have done that 9 to 5 job for a long time and wish to do more of films.

 Shruti Sharma: What is your mantra to curb depression?

Jyoti Sethi: I suffer from anxiety disorder; but I am blessed to have good friends around who energize me. My social circle helps me to fight back depression. Most importantly, I have a pug named Atom, who helps me smile always.

Shruti Sharma: What message would you like to give to the audience through the movie Phullu?

Jyoti Sethi: My only message to the people is to stop considering menstruation a disease and be aware of your health and hygiene.

Shruti Sharma: How do you handle comments?

Jyoti Sethi: I enjoy reading those and laugh it off! To share a humor, I tag my friends on those comments and crack jokes.

Shruti Sharma: Any advice to those trying to make a name in the fame and glamor industry?

Jyoti Sethi: Never show desperation or people will exploit you. Do not consider just one thing as your destination of earning and always have a backup plan ready. Get yourself educated, learn the people of this industry well, and then start giving the auditions. It takes time but, eventually if you are talented you will succeed.

Straight from the Writer’s Desk:



I see a lot of talent in Jyoti’s personality. She is certainly going to go way ahead in her acting career. Being a single parent myself, I can relate to Jyoti’s mother’s experiences and struggles of raising a daughter. If a daughter is like Jyoti Sethi, I will be blessed to see my daughter being like her in a few things. My best wishes are with Jyoti Sethi and her upcoming movie, Phullu. I am sure it will rock! Thank you for this lovely meet and god bless you Jyoti Sethi.

Stay tuned for another interesting interview coming soon.
Love and light to all.


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