The Most Emotional Life Story of Mrs. Northwest Asia Universe`2016

Daljeet Kaurr
Daljeet Kaurr

The Most Emotional Life Story of Mrs. Northwest Asia Universe`2016 – Daljeet Kaurr

Full Name: Daljeet Kaurr Bedi

Screen Name: Seema Bedi

Date of Birth: 17th July

Zodiac: Cancer

Profession: Actor, Model, Cosmetologist, Beauty Expert, and Founder of IAWA (officially registered in 2015)


  • Mrs. Universe Northwest Asia, 2016 (China)
  • Mrs. Universe Most Popular Woman, 2016 (China)
  • Mrs India gorgeous, 2016
  • Mrs. India Globe 2nd Runner Up, 2015
  • Most Popular Face on TV by Sangam Kala Group, 2015
  • Mrs. Congeniality, 2015
  • Mrs. North India Queen, 2014
About Daljeet Kaurr:


Before you read further, let me make you aware that you read this article with an objective mind and do not feel dishearten for what you have in life. I hope Daljeet’s real life story solves the purpose of inspiring all those women, who have been a victim of domestic violence and other failures in life.

Daljeet Kaurr (also known by her screen name, Seema Bedi) is the Founder, President, Sponsor, and Director of IAWA (Innovative Artist Welfare Association). After meeting Daljeet, I remember the old saying in Hindi; ‘Duniya mein kitna gham hai, mera gham kitna kam hai.’ When I saw her profile, I got inquisitive to know the reason and secret of her winning so many titles. A closer look to her life story and achievements made me proud of being a woman.

Apart from modeling and acting, Daljeet runs her own salon in Mumbai. She is also into reflexology, stress management, personality development, and naturopathy.

Why Daljeet Kaurr uses Seema Bedi as her screen name?


There is a very strong and deep reason why she changed her screen name to Seema Bedi, which will flabbergast you; read further to know the harsh truth behind Seema Bedi. Daljeet always wanted to be a doctor and pursue further studies in medicine. Her dreams were vast than her family’s thoughts. She belonged to an overprotective family, who were too concerned let her fly with her dreams.

Due to family obligations, Daljeet couldn’t get an admission in science, but that did not stop her to dream big. She decided to learn cosmetology and considered Shehnaz Hussain as her role model.

Daljeet completed her first Diploma under the guidance of Shehnaz Hussain.

A closer look at her dedication to work convinced her family and opened her first salon named, ‘Cleopatra’, Guwahati. Cleopatra was the most gorgeous woman and the objective behind the name was to make women beautiful at her salon.

Summary of Daljeet’s Real Life Story:

The clouds of success almost touched Daljeet when she fell in love with a man from Guwahati. Unfortunately, her choice turned her down in life. She has been a victim of domestic violence, theft, cheating, and has also been through various other traumatic events of her married life. Daljeet is a single mother to a son who is 21 now.

She continued to take tuition, did painting, candle-making, and small modeling assignments to make her living with her only son. Not to deny, she had a great support by her father.

Daljeet Kaurr’s Family Background:

The gorgeous Mrs. Universe (Northwest Asia) belongs to a Sikh family with 4 sisters and one brother. They are originally from Guwahati. Daljeet’s younger sister (SEEMA BEDI) had the beauty to compete any gorgeous actress, who was passionate to get into acting. Things were getting back to normal after Daljeet’s separation in marriage that she met with one of the disastrous incidents in her family…


Daljeet’s younger sister, Seema was kidnapped for a month by a gang!


Daljeet’s younger sister, Seema (age 17) was kidnapped for a month by a gang and had been through barbaric incidents of rape and physical assault. My hands are still shivering to type further as being a woman, I felt ashamed to call myself a creation of this Universe, who is also the creator of man. With the help of media, police, and political pressure, they managed to find Seema after a month and bring her back home.

After hearing about this incident, I was traumatized! At the same time, I feel blessed and honored that Daljeet felt comfortable to share this horrific news about Seema for the first time since 21 one years of this incident only with us (me and Author Bhairavi Sharma). In the worst of my nightmares, I can’t imagine and relate to what Seema must have gone through in that one month. The most gorgeous daughter in the family turned to a living corpse


Please take this story as an inspiration to all the women who think weak of themselves.


Daljeet and her family tried every possible way to bring her smile back, but she failed to cover her past. Continuous questioning and allegations in the society resulted into her suicide!

Seema is no more in this world, but her sister Daljeet Kaurr attempted to take her dream of acting by using her identity ‘Seema Bedi’ as her screen name. Apart from Daljeet’s own courage, I am sure it is her demised sister’s soul, which is the reason of her achievements today. Another dreadful incident in Daljeet’s life occurred when she heard about her father’s demise two months ago. He was her backbone and the greatest support in her life. After hearing about her father’s death, she fell from the stairs and injured herself. Although, this has been the biggest loss in her life, Daljeet thanked the god that he saw his children growing stronger like warriors. Her father attended all her award functions and big events of her life before leaving the world.

Daljeet’s achievements in acting as Seema Bedi:
  • Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Na – Doordarshan
  • Sai Baba – Sony TV
  • Love Dosti Dua – Big Magic
  • Bhabhi – Star Plus
  • Savdhaan India- Life OK
  • Gumrah – Channel V
Cameo Roles in Movies:
  • Boys to Boys Hain
  • Fan (Starring Shahrukh Khan, Waluscha de Sousa, and Sayani Gupta)
  • Tere Sang
Awards and honor attained by Daljeet Kaurr Bedi:
  • Felicitated with the position of Judge at Mrs. Jammu and Kashmir, 2016
  • NIIF award for ‘Women of Substance’, 2016
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Award, 2016
  • Face of Women’s Era wedding magazine
  • Brand Ambassador for Ayurvita – an international ayurveda company
  • Daljeet has also worked with Jovees – a reputed herbal cosmetic company

Daljeet is also working with an NGO for women empowerment against domestic violence with the campaign called, ‘Break the Silence & Stop Domestic Violence.’

The lady with a heart so beautiful and a journey so inspirational is also the president of ‘AIABT’ – All India Association Beauty Therapist.

Upcoming Projects:
  • Daljeet’s association IAWA will be organizing the longest fashion week.
  • Mr. and Miss IAWA event in the age group of 18-25 for cancer awareness.
  • Mr. and Mrs. India in the age group of 25 – 45, an event to create awareness against domestic violence.
Straight from the writer’s desk:

For the first time, I have no words to express how proud I felt to sit in front of this brave lady, who is also the first woman in the series of my interviews. Perhaps, the almighty wanted me to begin with something really unusual and inspiring. Daljeet is as brave as any warrior and as great as any achiever who has won tough battles in life.

Her stress and pain is evident on her face, yet she hides it with a beautiful smile that she carries along everywhere. My heart feels proud to know someone like her and I strongly believe that this is not the ultimate achievement in her life. Looking at her courage and determination to move further, it is certain that the universe has a lot in store for her and perhaps, the best for her future! I pass my wishes to the most gorgeous woman at heart whom I just met.

Message by the gorgeous and brave, Daljeet Kaurr:

“Believe in god and love yourself! Life is one; stand with the support of your own backbone and keep your spine straight. It is absolutely ok to cry and release it out from your system. Follow any one mantra in life (like I chant Gurbani) to come back in action after depression.

Lastly, always remember when you throw something, it takes pressure to throw up, but while coming down you get it three times larger as the efforts taken to fall down is lesser than rising up. Believe in your efforts and throw good things to the Universe so that when it comes down, it comes in larger quantity to you.”

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